17 02, 2015

HSSC – St Louis FC M/F Charlie Renken works out at Athletic Republic

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2 02, 2015

It's because of you!

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Thank you for making us the best! We appreciate being honored by you! We enjoy the daily opportunity to keep you healthy and happy. Please vote for us again.LN2015

25 08, 2014

How NutriFormance Started

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On a cold January night in 1997, Ellie Zografakis did not watch her favorite TV show—and that’s when the story of the NutriFormance began. That night away from the tube would lead Ellie to Dale Huff, her future husband and business partner. “I decided to not watch Melrose Place on a Thursday night because I needed to get my career going, “ Ellie recalls. “(Dale) was the head of a sports nutrition networking group, and I knew I needed to become part of this group. We started meeting, and I found out Dale and I had some of the same goals.”

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11 02, 2014

Athlete Olympic Nutrition

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20 07, 2013

Vacation Fitness

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Our Director of Training was on KSDK5 with Kelly Jackson to show a fun way to get exercise in while on vacation.  Little did you know you’ve been packing a piece of fitness equipment every time you travel. Here is the KSDK version, as well as the full version with instructions.


21 03, 2013

Spring Break Slim Down

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26 02, 2013

Quick Metabolic Workout from our Spring Break Slim Down

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4 min dynamic warm up

Set a timer for 20 secs on/10 secs rest. Go through each round twice and rest 1 min before moving to next round.

Round 1

Push ups
Squat Jumps
Alternating reverse lunge
Speed skaters

Round 2

Alternating side lunges
Mountain climbers
Air squats
Split jumps

Round 3

Forward lunge/donkey kick (right leg)
Forward lunge/donkey kick (left leg)
Spiderman planks

Round 4

Dive bomber push ups
Squat twist
Tricep dips
Plié squat jumps

Finish with 4 minutes of stretching.

For more information, please contact Emily Bailey at

9 01, 2013

Check out the Article about Client Denise Pisciotta

January 9th, 2013|Media, Personal Training|1 Comment

The physical therapist mentioned is Pam Fisher and the training team that works with Denise include Cara Roesch, MEd, PT, CSCS and Matt Firth, ATC, CSCS.  We feel so lucky to have a client like Denise- she never misses a session!

4 09, 2012

NF's Elite Membership: Unlimited Personal Training

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At $199 per month, Elite Training is a great option for those seeking the benefits of personal training, easy and convenient scheduling and a program based on scientific exercise progression designed for results. Our Elite Membership includes all 65+ classes per week – Hybrid Training, Hybrid Athlete, Pilates Mat, Indoor Cycling, Yoga, Sleek Physique and all other Group Fitness classes.

Each month our Director of Training, Randy Leopando, creates a template using sound physiological principles to build strength, power and flexibility. This full body workout will help build lean muscle mass and strong bones as well as accelerate fat loss. Our skilled trainers will choose the exercises, set the pace and make other necessary adjustments to offer a safe yet challenging workout suitable for all levels. The group dynamic (up to 4 people in a session) adds a motivational factor that helps you work beyond what you would normally do on your own.

We currently offer 12 Elite Training sessions each week. Many more sessions being added in December! View the schedule under the “Elite Training” tab. See a sample Elite Training session here.

8 08, 2012

Interview on KPLR on Eating Breakfast with Dale Huff

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8 08, 2012

Endurance Athletes- You gotta try this!

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Runner’s World Article

8 08, 2012

Congratulations to our Athletes!

August 8th, 2012|Media, Sports Performance|Comments Off on Congratulations to our Athletes!

Congratulations to these Athletic Republic Athletes on a great Summer of training! Good luck this year!

Paige Meggison-Lynn University
Meghan Dolan-Lynn University
Carson Pryor-Loyola University (MD)
Liam Stapleton-Colgate University
Lindsey Oettle-Morehead State
Mackenzie Barringhaus-Bellarmine University
Kelli Moran-University of Evansville
Caroline Brandt-Rockhurst University
Caitlin Winschell-Rockhurst University
Lauren Rein-William Jewell College
Abbey Walter-Eckerd College
Tara Knowlten-University of Nebraska at Kearney
Alexandra Vohs–Mississippi College
Ellen Augsburger-Regis University
Taylor Banholzer-University of Chicago
Lexi Butler-Missouri S&T University
Tracie Geile-Avila University
Stephen Koeller-University of Missouri Kansas City
Brittani Ready-Southwest Baptist University
Katherine Spataro-DePauw University

Charlotte Martin-Northwestern University
Hannah Thiemann-Stanford University
Elena Gresick-Johns Hopkins University
Elizabeth Mueller-Georgetown University
Alison Weisenfels-University of Pennsylvania
Hayley Bokern-Bellarmine University
Grace Fisher-DePauw University

Brandon Ross-Eastern Illinois University
Lee Nebbitt-Missouri Southern University
Nathan Thorton-Washburn University
Rhyan Henson-Butler University
Ryan Auer-Northwest Missouri State University

Willie Floros-Spring Hill College
Matt Meadows-Austin Peay University
Amos Shinkle-Colby College

Sarah Schneider-Westminster University

2 12, 2011

Emily Bailey, Director of Nutrition discusses guidelines on how to buy bread at the grocery store.

December 2nd, 2011|Media, Nutrition|Comments Off on Emily Bailey, Director of Nutrition discusses guidelines on how to buy bread at the grocery store.

Emily Bailey, Director of Nutrition discusses guidelines on how to buy bread at the grocery store.

29 09, 2011

NF Client Ron Rubin's story- a lesson about life

September 29th, 2011|Events, Media|1 Comment

Device enables CEO to thrive after near-fatal cardiac arrest

Ron Rubin

So how could this happen? He was a runner with seven marathons under his belt and was preparing for his eighth.

Rubin is the CEO of Republic of Tea, a company that preaches a message of healthy practices to employees and customers: Take life easier, ‘sip by sip rather than gulp by gulp.”

Yet he suffered a ventricular tachycardia — a sudden cardiac arrest characterized by a very rapid and irregular heart beat. It’s often fatal, usually in the aftermath of a heart problem or heart surgery, according to the National Library of Medicine.

Rubin says he survived because of CPR by his son, Todd Rubin, efforts in an emergency room in Tiburon, Calif., and his own peak physical condition.

A week later, back in St. Louis, surgeons at Barnes-Jewish Hospital implanted a small defibrillator.

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12 09, 2011

As featured in the Ladue News Sept 9th, 2011

September 12th, 2011|Media|Comments Off on As featured in the Ladue News Sept 9th, 2011

Fall Fit

Sculpt Tone & Tighten

by Meredith Bush
Friday, September 9, 2011 8:50 AM CDT

Dale Huff, NutriFormance
NutriFormance allows clients to choose from low-impact classes like Pilates to high-intensity classes like metabolic training. The gym offers a variety of membership programs. “We have two different membership platforms: hybrid-small group personal training, which is up to 12 in a class. We also have personal training memberships,” explains Dale Huff, co-owner of NutriFormance.

For those dropping the kids off at school and wanting to get back in shape, the memberships are easy. “For one fee, even with a personal trainer just once a week, you get access to the gym and classes,” says Huff. One big thing Huff stresses is consistency. “It’s key when getting back into routine.” In addition to hybrid training, kettlebell classes, cycling, yoga, Pilates and even Sleek Physique classes also are offered.

Huff says activities outside the gym are just as helpful as ones inside. “Try raking your own leaves.”

25 08, 2011

Ergogenic Aids

August 25th, 2011|Media|Comments Off on Ergogenic Aids

Do Ergogenic Aids Help or Hinder Athletic Performance?

by Ellie Huff, RD, Dale Huff, CSCS

A review of the scientific research and the safety concerns regarding some of today’s most popular performance-enhancing dietary supplements.

Almost daily, people ask fitness professionals about the latest and greatest dietary supplements that claim to enhance physical performance. Although it is outside the scope of practice of personal trainers and fitness instructors ever to recommend a particular ergogenic aid to anyone, clients want to know if these products produce the results promised in the ads.  (more…)

17 08, 2011

Athletic Republic Announces Gatorade Partnership!

August 17th, 2011|Media|2 Comments

athletic republic st. louis gatorade pro series

In a collaborative effort, we are blending the sports training science of Athletic Republic with the advanced sports nutrition science of Gatorade.  We will be now offering the exclusive Gatorade Series Pro,  which was originally developed for college and professional athletes.  This product line is a step up from the traditional Gatorade products and are designed to meet the needs of elite athletes at the most critical times for their performance- before (1), during (2) and after (3) a workout, practice or competition.  Look for these products the next time you are in the facility to train!  We will be conducting taste tests, providing sample products, educational handouts, and offering discounts for bulk purchases!  We look forward to enhancing your training through proper hydration, carbohydrate and protein timing!  Check out the new Products available in the Cooler!
21 07, 2011

How to Soar in Volleyball

July 21st, 2011|Media|Comments Off on How to Soar in Volleyball

If you want to play volleyball at the elite level, you better start doing abdominal crunches now.

When it comes to driving the ball over the net, a strong core, it turns out, is as important as strong legs and shoulders.

“I played a couple of sand tournaments a couple of weeks ago and that was the first thing that was sore, my abs,” says Lauren Budde, middle hitter with the Washington University Bears.

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21 07, 2011

Ladue News- Top workouts from Trainers

July 21st, 2011|Media|Comments Off on Ladue News- Top workouts from Trainers

How do you get a body like a personal trainer? By employing the same workouts they do! We asked the pros about their own fitness routines, and they dispelled a lot of myths about how to get in your best shape ever.

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21 07, 2011

Top 5 Exercises You Should Be Doing!

July 21st, 2011|Media, Personal Training|Comments Off on Top 5 Exercises You Should Be Doing!

The trick to getting any fitness program to accomplish what you want is actually taking time to do the work. Think of it this way — the holidays are coming, complete with big turkey dinners and irresistible treats. You know you’re not going avoid every temptation that comes your way, but you’ll fare better (and feel better, too) if you stick to a fitness plan.
To help you get started, or to double check your work-out strategy, Dale Huff, co-owner of NutriFormance-Fitness, Therapy and Performance in Frontenac, Mo. ( offered his picks for the “Fab Five”

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