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At NutriFormance, you only pay for what you use! Whether you’re just seeing a personal trainer or using the gym(with no classes), we have a package or membership to meet your needs. Personal training, group fitness classes, gym membership, small group training, Pilates, physical therapy- you name it, we have it! Our Frontenac facility offers an intimate environment where you can focus on yourself! No memberships required to see a personal trainer, registered dietitian, Pilates instructor, or massage therapist.
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FREE 7-Day Trial

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  • Small Group Personal Training
  • Small Group Pilates
  • Hybrid Group Fitness Classes
  • Unlimited Use of Weight Machines & Free Weights
  • Unlimited Use of Cardio & Metabolic Training Equipment
  • Towel Service, Showers, Lockers & Sauna


Welcome to NutriFormance where every BODY matters and we strive to know all our client’s by name as well as understanding why they chose NF to pursue their fitness goals.  We hope to over-deliver in making NutriFormance like a second home, a fun environment that is also focused and dedicated to our clientele’s success.  

We aren’t chasing members just to hit a number.  We are pursuing clients who fit what we do, who appreciate a team of advanced professionals and a community that is much like an extended family.  We are far from a red-tape laden big box gym that only wants your membership dollars and doesn’t care about you as an individual.

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Dale and ellie huff- Nutriformance, St. Louis, MO
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FREE 7-Day Trial Membership!

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