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Our interpretation of fitness and training is a result of listening to your goals and needs, evaluating your movement patterns through a movement screen, and then making a great personal training match for you. 

Not only will you look and feel better, you will enjoy doing it! While science is a huge part of what we do, there is also an art to our training programs to make them fun and interesting. We want you to look forward to coming back after every session, even if you are a little sore! 

The science of what we do does include the progression of sets and reps, but it also includes corrective exercise and appropriate intensities to help you move better! Most of our sessions end with a restorative stretch assisted by your trainer.

Personal Training - Jen K
Personal Training - Nutriformance

Striving for Results, Results, Results…sprinkled with compassion, fun and a passion for active lifestyle fitness!

Our team of advanced personal trainers, with their experience, passion and love of fitness is what truly makes us unique. With over half a million training sessions delivered since 1997 gives us the knowledge to help you, but also the know how to stay progressive and on the cutting edge of fitness.

We are not body builders, but we do practice what we preach. We stay fit in order to do the things we enjoy- playing sports like tennis, skiing, soccer and golf; competing in endurance events; dancing; coaching youth athletes; paddle boarding; and water sports. We practice active lifestyle fitness to stay strong, reduce risk of injury and to promote a long and active lifestyle.

Our clients range in age from 7-97 years old and the usually possess any combination of these desires:


Whether your goal is to lose 5 pounds or 50 pounds, gain lean body mass or simply improve your appearance. Combining training with a registered dietitian is the most powerful way to change your composition!


Whether it is a competitive sports goal, or to move better during daily activities.


Most of our clients have an orthopedic challenge ranging from a tricky knee or lower back achiness to joint replacements, ACLs, fusions, etc. Our team has the knowledge to help!

Maximize your time and stretch not only yourself, but your dollar too!

We see clients as little as once month to as often as 3x week depending on how you want to work with us.  We are consultative in our approach knowing that a good solution for your fitness plan will lead to better long term results.

Just like our clients come in many shapes and sizes, so does our personal training programs! We offer packages for those who simply want to see one of our amazing team members and need a lot of flexibility due to travel or business. 

We offer personal training memberships which include access to all of our classes and the club for your commitment to seeing a personal trainer 4, 8 or 12 times per month. This program is great for those needing extra incentive to stick with it, and/or would like to use our classes or facilities. We add value and a motivator to adhere to your program. 

Our packages and memberships can be purchased one-on-one or you can train with a friend or loved one!  Our small group personal training membership is scheduled just like a class and offered 20 times per week.  There are up to 4 clients per session and we create a metabolically challenging workout for the group!

Our approach and team make us ideal for achieving your fitness goals

We are a team of like-minded fitness professionals working together to create individualized and results-based programs for our clients. 

On staff we have certified athletic trainers, advanced personal trainers, physical therapists, registered dietitians, certified Pilates instructors, licensed massage therapists and group fitness instructors. 

We listen to your fitness wants, needs and desires. We then conduct a movement screen, enlist any experts we have to assist with program development, maybe consult with your physician and then do our best to exceed your expectations.

Often you will have several staff-members working on your program: our Director of Personal Training, Education Coordinator,  Physical Therapist  or a registered dietitian. We can blend your personal training with group fitness classes to offer more fitness opportunities each week!

Convenience is key to adhering to a fitness program!

We are located right off highway 40 at the intersection of Lindbergh and Clayton road (think Plaza Frontenac). We have full shower and locker facilities available to all our personal training clients.  We make fitness as convenient as possible.

Personal Training Testimonial

Nutriformance works! After doing personal training locally in my neighborhood for 1 year, I became slow to improve. I attended a Nutriformance seminar, that Jen presented information about planning your bicycle & fitness season. When Nutriformance offered the “zoom personal training” I decided that NutriFormance’s program with Jen would be best. This last year I’ve seen an improvement of over 30% in my cycling (including endurance, speed, and recovery). My coach, Jen, is not only knowledgeable, she gives me the same level of individualized attention as she would to a younger cyclist. (I’m in my 60’s)

The program with Jen is a 12 month program. Jen collaborates with my cycling coach to ensure my program is complete to meet my personalized cycling goals. As the competitive bike season changes, Jen gives attention to certain aspects.  At the beginning of the sessions we worked on imbalances. As I progressed, we added specific bicycle related exercises that needed continued attention to reach my goals.

Jen constantly tests my neuromuscular system. She knows what I am capable of and provides encouragement and cues where they are needed. She has shared knowledge about certain types of competitive bicycle events and encourages me to compete. Pictured here are the two silver medals I earned at the local Senior Bicycle Olympics.  

Jen’s enthusiasm for my success is exhilarating as I progress and compete. I have two friends that I referred to Jen and they have been very pleased with their results. 

“I know personally from previous experiences that incorrect strength training, can be harmful. Trying “yourself” to do a strength training program, can invite many problems, if you aren’t careful, and know what you are doing.  Organizing periodization of weight training, and bike training, can be complicated. This is why working with Jen on physical strength, who is an accomplished competitive cyclist, was a good decision.

–  David Hughson

- Nutriformance, St. Louis, MO

Every member of the NutriFormance staff is highly trained, friendly, professional and committed to helping you achieve your fitness and nutrition goals. Whether you are just starting out or “almost there”, the NutriFormance team will develop the program that gets you there!

-Joseph Bergfeld


Welcome to NutriFormance where every BODY matters and we strive to know all our client’s by name as well as understanding why they chose NF to pursue their fitness goals.  We hope to over-deliver in making NutriFormance like a second home, a fun environment that is also focused and dedicated to our clientele’s success.  

We aren’t chasing members just to hit a number.  We are pursuing clients who fit what we do, who appreciate a team of advanced professionals and a community that is much like an extended family.  We are far from a red-tape laden big box gym that only wants your membership dollars and doesn’t care about you as an individual.

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Ellie & Dale
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