In-Home Personal Training

Nutriformance offers in-home personal training sessions all across the St. Louis area.  Our trainers will come to you to provide the fitness program appropriate for your goals in the comfort of your own home. Trainers are capable of handling post-rehabilitation, body composition changes, sports-specific training, or muscle gain but not limited to these interests.  

Our trainers’ schedules are flexible to accommodate any busy person’s schedule. This is to be a fun, effective activity free of distractions so you can focus on reaching your goals.

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Why In-home Personal Training?

Working with a personal trainer in-home saves time for the busy executive or stay at home mom.  It allows for the most efficient and effective use of your training time as your program is geared toward your goals and we help you stay accountable and motivated.    

Many of our clients own home gym equipment but may not be using it in the safest and most effective manner at a frequency that will elicit results.  Often we find that our in-home exercising consultations are doing the exact same workout most of the time leading to staleness, boredom and a lack of results.  

In today’s world many of our home exercise clients are using bikes or treadmills with programs delivered via the web.  While these are great, most are guided by 20 something year old trainers and the workouts are oftentimes too challenging for the basic fitness client getting started.  Rather than invest 3-4k in a bike with a monthly subscription, why not hire a trainer for the next 8 months 2x week and really see some great results! 

 Our team of advanced personal trainers, with their experience, passion and love of fitness is what truly makes us unique. With over a million training sessions delivered since 1997 gives us the knowledge to help you, but also the know how to stay progressive and on the cutting edge of fitness.

We are not bodybuilders, but we do practice what we preach. We stay fit in order to do the things we enjoy- playing sports like tennis, skiing, soccer and golf; competing in endurance events; dancing; coaching youth athletes; paddle boarding; and water sports. We practice active lifestyle fitness to stay strong, reduce risk of injury and to promote a long and active lifestyle.

You don’t just have a trainer; you have a team!

NutriFormance has a long line of fitness professionals that work for or with our company.  We staff registered dietitians, personal trainers, sports conditioning trainers, Pilates Instructors and massage therapist.

We Match You With The Best Personal Trainers In St. Louis, MO!


Whether your goal is to lose 5 pounds or 50 pounds, gain lean body mass or simply improve your appearance. Combining training with a registered dietitian is the most powerful way to change your composition!


Whether it is a competitive sports goal, or to move better during daily activities.


Most of our clients have an orthopedic challenge ranging from a tricky knee or lower back achiness to joint replacements, ACLs, fusions, etc. Our team has the knowledge to help!

How To Get started

You can see a personal trainer as often as 3x week to as little as 2x month depending on your budget, goals and lifestyle.  We offer a complimentary consultation to help you determine if we are a great fit for your goals.  We come directly to you as we need to see the training space and equipment as well as complete a waiver, etc. 

Is In-home Training for you? Call 314-432-6103 and find out.  Or simply click below and give us the opportunity to talk to you about our in-home personal training programs and how we may be of service to you.


Welcome to NutriFormance where every BODY matters and we strive to know all our client’s by name as well as understanding why they chose NF to pursue their fitness goals.  We hope to over-deliver in making NutriFormance like a second home, a fun environment that is also focused and dedicated to our clientele’s success.  

We aren’t chasing members just to hit a number.  We are pursuing clients who fit what we do, who appreciate a team of advanced professionals and a community that is much like an extended family.  We are far from a red-tape laden big box gym that only wants your membership dollars and doesn’t care about you as an individual.

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