29 09, 2013

Meet the NutriFormance Pilates Team

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Our highly skilled, comprehensively trained, certified Pilates instructors each bring their own style and area of expertise to the Pilates method. Our clients have goals ranging from injury rehabilitation to sports performance and everything in between. Our instructors can personalize a results driven Pilates program for you. Private and semi-private (2-4 people) sessions are available in our fully equipped studio.

emily_freemanEmily Freeman, RD, LD, STOTT Pilates

Emily became the youngest certified Pilates instructor to complete the STOTT Pilates training in Springfield, MO in 2008 during her collegiate career. Her personal success with the method inspired her to add Pilates instruction to her career as a registered dietitian. Emily helps her clients achieve their goals with a focus on strength, body awareness, flexibility, breathing and overall balance.

photo 4Jessica Wynn, BS, CSCS, Balanced Body Pilates

Jessica was already a personal trainer and sport performance coach when she decided to complete her Pilates certification. After receiving her BS in Fitness and Sports Medicine, she joined the moved to North Carolina to join the renowned  Duke University Diet and Fitness Center as an Exercise Specialist. Jessica’s attention to detail helps her clients realize the benefits of the personalized approach she brings to her Pilates programs.


photo 2

Eli Burkhart, Pilates Unlimited, Just Practice Yoga

Eli is classically trained in Pilates with a bio-mechanical focus. Her fusion of the Pilates method with her passion for power yoga allows Eli to create programs that bring balance, alignment and peace to her students while still challenging them physically. She enjoys helping people realize their learn to tap into their core to help them overcome discomfort and gain overall strength.


29 04, 2013

The Importance of an Athlete's Warm Up

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Many of the athletes I see have some sort of warm up they do before a game. Less of those athletes do a similar warm up before a workout. And some don’t even have their own warm up routine. An effective warm up should include exercises to activate the muscle groups necessary for the work to follow. A personalized warm up that targets the “weaker” muscles can greatly increase speed, agility and power as well as ward off fatigue and injury. Incorporating a warm up specific to individual needs, will enhance performance and can help prevent overuse injuries.  For example, if an athlete is dominant in their quadriceps, an effective warm up should include exercises such as hip bridges, single leg squats and toe reaches to “wake up” the hamstrings and gluteus medius.

Foam rolling is a self myofascial release technique that has been used for some time in professional sports and is now becoming more main stream. There is some debate about when it’s most effective – before the warm up or after the workout. Foam rolling has benefits either way. Prior to the warm up, longer strokes increases blood flow to the muscles and directed pressure can release knots. Rolling after the workout may help muscles recover or at least provide some relief from soreness.

A trained professional can help identify muscle imbalances and recruitment deficiencies to design a personalized warm up routine for enhanced performance and injury prevention. To schedule a consultation with a trainer, physical therapist or Pilates instructor, please contact us!

30 10, 2012

Take Our Pilates Challenge

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In 10 sessions you will feel a difference, in 20 you will see the difference, and in 30 you will have a whole new body. – Joseph Pilates

Take our Pilates challenge and earn FREE Pilates lessons in our fully equipped studio!

The challenge: Take 8 Mat Pilates classes during the month of November to see and feel the benefits of the Pilates Method. In addition to increased balance and flexibility, a stronger core,  and better postural alignment, we will reward you with FREE Pilates training in our fully equipped studio!

Sign up: Please contact us if you would like to participate. Then be sure to check in at the front desk when you attend class so that we can track your attendance.


The following classes are part of the challenge…

  • Monday 10:30am Mat Pilates with Emily
  • Tuesday 8:30am Mat Pilates with Emily
  • Thursday 8:30am Mat Pilates with Eli
  • Thursday 5:30pm Pilates for Athletes with Emily
  • Sunday 8:30am Mat Pilates with Maria