11 09, 2013

FnF "Train Like a Pro" – exercises by NHL players

September 11th, 2013|Fitness n' Fuel, Sports Performance|7 Comments

TRAIN LIKE A PRO – video demo

Hockey season is upon us and our favorite NHL players gave us their personal favorite (no equipment needed) exercises! We developed a 3 part workout from their selections that incorporate power, functional/core strength, and flexibility. All necessary for hockey players but what about the rest of us?

  • Metabolic Training:

Plyometrics help athletes increase power and speed. The tabata sets in this workout will maximize calorie burn and increase metabolic rate during and after the workout.

  • Body Weight Strength:

The exercises chosen by our NHL players will improve functional strength and build lean muscle by recruiting multiple muscle groups at once with balance challenges and core stability.

  • Flexibility:

Muscle tightness inhibits performance and can prevent proper muscle recruitment potentially leading to inefficient movement patterns and overuse injuries.  To get the most from any workout, targeted stretching is essential.

The Workout:

  • Begin with a dynamic warm up (see our demo)
  • Set a timer for 20 secs work/10 secs rest and do the 4 exercises below, in order, 2 times through for a total of 4 mins.
    • side to side squats
    • squat broad jump
    • jumping lunges
    • speed skaters
  • Rest for 1 min and do 12 reps each of the 4 strength exercises below with little rest in between. It should take about 4 mins to complete.
    • walking lunge w/ twist
    • push up to side plank
    • single leg squats
    • functional push ups
  • Complete the core exercises and active stretches below. Repeat all 3 sets (metabolic, strength, flexibility) 2-4 times through, rest 1 min between sets.
    • sit up w/ twist (12 reps)
    • plank-pike-extension (2-4 reps)
    • low lunge to hamstring stretch (2-4 reps)
    • straddle stretch w/ twist (2-4 reps)

HUGE thanks to the players – David Backes, Chris Pronger, Carlo Colaiacovo, Alex Pietrangelo and Jamal Mayers for the exercises. And thanks to Lauren Pronger and Natalie Mayers for expertly demonstrating the moves!

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29 04, 2013

"More Than the Main Event" Workout

April 29th, 2013|Events, Nutrition, Personal Training|1 Comment

It’s wedding season, graduation, summertime….There will always be something to “get in shape” for. At NutriFormance, we encourage you to develop healthy eating habits and find a workout routine that will help you reach your goals. For your big event, and for a lifetime! This month’s workout is another metabolic circuit that can be done in less than 30 mins ANYWHERE! No equipment needed. This month we get a little help from our friends at Lululemon Plaza Frontenac and we hope that following our quick workout along with us will keep you motivated and on track when you can’t get to the gym!

Follow the entire workout or view the quick demo video and exercise list below to do it on your own. As always, make the modifications necessary. You can do fewer sets if you’re crunched for time or add some weights for a greater challenge. Enjoy! And stay tuned for more nutrition tips and workouts…

Part I

Part II

Quick view demos

The workout:

Begin with a Dynamic warm up. 4 mini circuits of 3 exercises each. Do 10 reps of each exercise 3 times through, followed by 1 min rest before starting the next round.

  • Squat to calf raise
  • Pike push ups
  • Rev lunge hops (10 each side)
  • Triangle push ups
  • Rev lunge twist (alt sides – 10 total)
  • Lateral burpee (alt sides – 10 total)
  • Lunge to push up (5 each side)
  • Single leg bridges (10 each side)
  • Forward squat jump
  • Plank reach (alt sides – 10 total)
  • Lateral lunge/rev kick (10 each side)
  • Crossover lunge hop (alt sides – 10 total)

See our cool down and stretch video to complete your workout

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