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12 09, 2017

Recovery- The secret to greater results!

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Many of our clients and student-athletes completely undervalue the importance of recovery in order for the body to super compensate after a hard workout or training schedule.  The importance of a regular sleep schedule with at least 8 hours of sleep; consistent mobility work such as foam rolling or massage; and flexibility.  Recovery is always incomplete without adequate nutrition- pre- and post-workout.   Some of our clients are time crunched and putting off meals to get to practice, eating on the run, or rushing out of the house and skipping breakfast.  These behaviors lead to low glycogen stores and inadequate muscle repair.  Not only are you not ready for your next workout, you didn’t maximize the results of your last one- it is a vicious cycle.

We are working on a program to help you fine tune your recovery strategies and want to introduce you to the first product we will be carrying to assist us in this goal.  Please visit  to learn about the greatest foam roll ever invented- it incorporates the science of vibration therapy into the rolling experience to enhance your results.  For now, we will be retailing these in our pro-shop, but will also be incorporating into some of our personal training sessions and FIT program.  email if you want me to put your name on one before they come in.

If you want to get a handle on your nutrition, we offer a 1x month 60-minute nutrition coaching session.  Why do you have a financial adviser, lawyer and hair stylist, if you don’t have someone helping you improve your health and productivity through proper nutrition?

If you think recovery isn’t important, please purchase this book and read it straight from two guys who burned out before they were even 30 years old.  Luckily for us that it happened as they wrote an amazing book.  Don’t let this happen to you!  here is the book: Peak Performance- Brad Stulberg and the link below.

Thank you and get ready for some amazing workouts at NutriFormance and great recovery afterward!  Dale



4 09, 2017

Patrick Hensley Testimonial

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4 09, 2017

Susie Kopp Testimonial

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4 09, 2017

Mary Santen Testimonial

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4 09, 2017

Kathryn Hessel Testimonial

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3 05, 2017

Greg Pietrobergo

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I have been a member of NutriFormance for approximately 19 years. It has been fun to see this organization grow into the top-notch health club that it has. Dale and Ellie are to be commended on their constant focus on growing for the benefit of their members. They have staffed the club with nothing but fantastic trainers/instructors as well as provided quality equipment and facilities. Though I had been a regular at the gym over those past 19 years, I began taking particular advantage of the club’s class offerings about three years ago. Starting with mat pilate’s, I also now enjoy the TRX and spinning classes regularly as well. Beyond group classes, I began practicing reformer pilate’s with Emily Freeman on a private basis two years ago.

I can’t begin to explain how her instruction and care has elevated my fitness and impacted my overall health. She exhibits a personal interest in the well-being of all of her students. She even consults with my regular massage therapist, Marcy Blair, when issues develop. Because of that coordination, my massage sessions with Marcy are always therapeutic. Between the two of them, they have never failed yet to “fix” any issue I have developed. Emily and Marcy exhibit true concern about my overall health. I have nothing but total confidence in both of their abilities. Emily and Marcy are just two examples of the NutriFormance family that have had a positive impact on my well-being. It is because of all of these people that even after 19 years, I can’t imagine training at any other health club.

3 05, 2017

Jim Brums

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This year’s annual medical physical results, especially the blood tests, were so good, it totally stunned my Internist. Heart disease is a generational in my family. After a moment of silence, he asked what I have been doing. NutriFormance! What works for me is a triple combination. After joining NutriFormance 2 years ago, I learned to be patient with my pace of improvement, choose a variety of classes and stick to a regular weekly schedule. I also use the instructor’s modifications extensively. At sixty something, my fitness goal is to be exercising at ninety something.

3 05, 2017

Susie Kopp

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I have always been a competitive athlete, but after surgery to remove my first rib due to a life-threatening blood clot in my arm, I went from having the eye of the tiger to being a big scaredy cat. I knew if I wanted to get back into shape, I was going to need personal attention, so I joined NutriFormance for their personal training. It’s one of the best decisions I have ever made. Dale and Ellie took wonderful care of me, thoughtfully pairing me with Katie, a seasoned trainer who is also an experienced physical therapist. She took the extra time to educate herself about my surgery and reached out to my post surgical therapist so they could coordinate their efforts. Under her watchful eye I have gone from fearful to fearless faster than I ever imagined. I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and now I take advantage of just about every class NutriFormance has to offer. From spinning and dance to TRX and yoga their variety of classes keeps my workout routine fresh and fun. Their instructors flex their creative muscle to make sure their classes are everything but routine. Whether you prefer low impact or high intensity, they will literally work your butt off. But they also make it easy to modify any movement so you never feel intimidated or afraid you can’t keep up.

It’s not just in the gym that NutriFormance has made a difference in my life. I’ve consulted with their dietitians to make sure my nutrition is on point. I’m a big believer in massage therapy and I’d be hard pressed to find a more knowledgeable and experienced team of massage therapists. As a competitive tennis player I’ve always known the importance of stretching and flexibility, and as I age, a deep tissue massage once a month increases my circulation and loosens my muscle and tissue so I can keep playing at a high level.

Dale and Ellie have their finger on the pulse of their clients and I believe that personal attention sets NutriFormance apart from the big “jungle” gyms. It’s the reason I keep coming back and I’ll always be grateful even when I think I can’t do one more curl or squat or lunge (Amy, you know who you are). I may have lost a rib, but thanks to the folks at NutriFormance, I found a new lease on life.

3 05, 2017

Diane Lacey

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After years of doing cardio workouts almost every day, I decided I needed to do some strength, weight training twice a week. This proved to be a huge benefit for me. Because I love to exercise and tend to overdo it sometimes, over the years I developed some aches, pains and issues. I added Pilates to my weekly workouts, and noticed a significant change in my body. Emily knows and understands body mechanics. She can immediately zero in on what my problem is, and she always works on my specific needs. I now have a sensible, beneficial workout plan that is never boring and I look forward to each day’s training. The Nurtiformance team has me on the right track.