16 01, 2015

Little Shark Kid's Triathlon Club

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What: Little Shark Kid’s Triathlon Club Informational Meeting

Where: NutriFormance/Athletic Republic – 10407 Clayton Road 63131

When: Thursday, January 22 at 6pm

Who: All those interested in joining the Little Shark Kid’s Triathlon Club and parents.

Learn more about: Practice locations and times, expectations, equipment, club benefits, uniform kit orders, and more!

The Little Shark Triathlon Club is for kids who like to swim, bike, and run! Local professionals from Big Shark, NutriFormance/Athletic Republic, Pedal Hard, and Parkway Swim Club have teamed up to offer fantastic training opportunities for the young multi-sport athlete.

19 01, 2014

Spinning Threshold Testing Week begins January 27th

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Your Personal Spinning Threshold is the point at which your body converts from aerobic training to anaerobic training. Knowing your Personal Spinning Threshold (PST) will help you work within your personal training zones which can help you better achieve your goals whether it be to lose weight, increase cardiovascular endurance or enhance sports performance. It also allows our instructors a way to accurately guide intervals in class allowing you to better experience the workout they have planned for you. Repeating a Threshold Test is also a great way to measure your progress.

Threshold Testing Classes are a challenging workout for everyone yet suitable for all fitness levels due to the personalized nature. You will increase your workload in staged ramps to help you determine your highest sustainable effort. Your Threshold Test will provide you with your Personal Spinning Threshold (PST), which gives you the wattage range for each training zone.

Join us for one one the following classes and see how you can get so much more from PowerCycle!

  • Monday Jan 27th 5pm with Moira
  • Tuesday Jan 28th 9:30am with Amy
  • Thursday Jan 30th Noon
  • Friday Jan 31st 10am with Kim
  • Saturday Feb 1st 9:30am Lisa
6 11, 2013

Give and You Shall Receive!

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You’ve seen the gift boxes and thank you notes around the gym…Say thanks to someone special!

We all at some point in our lives have become “wrapped up” in our daily living activities that we forget about those people around us that make those daily activities easier to do. So take a moment to give thanks and everybody wins.

Fill out a thank you card (we have them for you), And place it in one of the wrapped gift boxes. Each week, we will be doing multiple drawings and giving away a lot of free goodies. If your note is drawn, not only will your recipient win, but you will too!

The drawings will continue through Black Friday. If your thank you was not drawn for a prize, the person you want to acknowledge will still win a small gift. We will even send the thank you card to the person of your choice for you.

General rules:
• One entry per person per week.
• You DO NOT need to be a member to enter into the drawing.
• You are NOT limited to who you can say thank you to
• What you write will NOT be shared with members and staff unless you request it to be
• The thank you card must be filled out in full in order to be eligible
• You do not need to be present to win
• Winners will be in the next upcoming newsletter as well as posted on facebook, twitter, and in NutriFormance
• Anyone can offer to add to our list of prizes. If you own a business or know someone that does, feel free to drop off anything you would like entered in the drawing

5 11, 2013

November Spinning Threshold Test Classes – Personalize Your PowerCycle

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Have you found your PST yet? Learn how to get your own personalized power ride every time. Read about it HERE…

power meterNovember Threshold classes:

  • Wed 11/6 6am with Phil
  • Mon 11/11 6pm with Moira
  • Wed 11/13 8:30am with Matt
  • Mon 11/18 9:30am with Kim
  • Thurs 11/21 8:30am with Moira
  • Mon 11/25 Noon with Libby
  • Wed 11/27 9:30am with Amy

Private threshold testing is available by appointment with any of our instructors.

29 04, 2013

"More Than the Main Event" Workout

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It’s wedding season, graduation, summertime….There will always be something to “get in shape” for. At NutriFormance, we encourage you to develop healthy eating habits and find a workout routine that will help you reach your goals. For your big event, and for a lifetime! This month’s workout is another metabolic circuit that can be done in less than 30 mins ANYWHERE! No equipment needed. This month we get a little help from our friends at Lululemon Plaza Frontenac and we hope that following our quick workout along with us will keep you motivated and on track when you can’t get to the gym!

Follow the entire workout or view the quick demo video and exercise list below to do it on your own. As always, make the modifications necessary. You can do fewer sets if you’re crunched for time or add some weights for a greater challenge. Enjoy! And stay tuned for more nutrition tips and workouts…

Part I

Part II

Quick view demos

The workout:

Begin with a Dynamic warm up. 4 mini circuits of 3 exercises each. Do 10 reps of each exercise 3 times through, followed by 1 min rest before starting the next round.

  • Squat to calf raise
  • Pike push ups
  • Rev lunge hops (10 each side)
  • Triangle push ups
  • Rev lunge twist (alt sides – 10 total)
  • Lateral burpee (alt sides – 10 total)
  • Lunge to push up (5 each side)
  • Single leg bridges (10 each side)
  • Forward squat jump
  • Plank reach (alt sides – 10 total)
  • Lateral lunge/rev kick (10 each side)
  • Crossover lunge hop (alt sides – 10 total)

See our cool down and stretch video to complete your workout

Follow us on twitter @fitnessnfuel for daily motivation, nutrition tips and more!


9 04, 2013

TRAIN THE TRAINER – In support of BackStoppers

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Train the Trainer – Saturday, April 20th

Help us raise money for BackStoppers! BackStoppers is a St. Louis area charity that provides financial and emotional support to the families of fire fighters, paramedics, EMT, police and publicly funded rescue workers that have died while on duty. The organization makes mortgage and car payments, pays off debt, and defrays the expense of higher education. In addition, each family gets a “friend of the family” volunteer to stay in touch. This is an awesome charity so we are going to make it very easy to participate!

“Train the Trainer” is a way for you to give to BackStoppers, but also, to “give it” to your trainers. You can train them for a donation. You know the exercises, make THEM sweat, train along with them, or just make a donation to BackStoppers! Our event is called “Train the Trainer”, but you don’t have to have a trainer to participate. If you want a trainer that day, just sign up. We want our NutriFormance family to participate in any way they can. There will be Spinning, Hybrid, and a TRX clinic, chair massage and stretching sessions. We will have firemen boots set up to just drop off donations.

Here is a list of all the ways to donate:

1) Training- $50/per 30 minutes. No rules! You can beat up your trainer however you want or have them train you. See your trainer to reserve your time.

2) Spinning- 11 am Moira is teaching a Spinning Class. A $20.00 donation can reserve your spot in this class!

3) Hybrid Training- 11 am taught by Amy Strahan. A $20 donation can reserve your spot!

4) TRX Clinic with Dale – Learn how to utilize the TRX Suspension Training system to add variety to your workout at NF! A $20 donation can reserve your spot!

5 )Stretching- Pam and Cara will be providing hands on assisted stretching sessions. $20 for 15 minutes!

6) Massage- We will be offering chair massage throughout the event. Donate what you want to receive a 10 minute massage.

7) Fireman Boot- will be throughout the facility! Donate whatever you want!

In appreciation, we will have a Happy Hour at NutriFormance from 4-6 pm. There will be food, beverages provided by Moira and J McGraughs, and a whole lot of “gratefulness” to you, our clients, for making this a great fundraiser.



26 02, 2013

Quick Metabolic Workout from our Spring Break Slim Down

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4 min dynamic warm up

Set a timer for 20 secs on/10 secs rest. Go through each round twice and rest 1 min before moving to next round.

Round 1

Push ups
Squat Jumps
Alternating reverse lunge
Speed skaters

Round 2

Alternating side lunges
Mountain climbers
Air squats
Split jumps

Round 3

Forward lunge/donkey kick (right leg)
Forward lunge/donkey kick (left leg)
Spiderman planks

Round 4

Dive bomber push ups
Squat twist
Tricep dips
Plié squat jumps

Finish with 4 minutes of stretching.

For more information, please contact Emily Bailey at

18 02, 2013

Eads Bridge Duathlon Training starts this week!

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Eads Bridge Duathlon Training Team

Wanting to give multisport a shot but don’t know where to start? Take the first steps toward your goal with the Big Shark/NutriFormance training team.

Mission: The goal of the Big Shark/NutriFormance Duathlon training team will prepare individuals to complete the 2013 Eads Bridge Duathlon on April 21st. The program will consist of a 9 week training program with individualized training plans, weekly clinics and supported group training sessions. Many of the training sessions will be held at the NutriFormance training facility using a combination of treadmills and studio cycling room stationary bicycles, eliminating the need to own a bicycle to participate. If you would like guidance in multi-sport training, get going on the right track…..and bike. Now is the time to sign up!

Cost: $159 (Includes Eads Bridge Duathlon Registration)

Start Date: Saturday, February 23rd, 10 am

Register: In person at NutriFormance or Little Shark or by email to


17 01, 2013

Team Endurance Training- Go! STL 1/2 & Eads Bridge Duathlon

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Go! St. Louis ½ Marathon Training Team

The goal of the Big Shark/NutriFormance Go! St. Louis training team is to prepare individuals to complete the 2013 Go! St. Louis ½ marathon on April 7th.  The program will consist of a 10 week training program with individualized training plans, weekly clinics and supported group training sessions.  Training sessions will be held in Forest Park and at the NutriFormance training facility.  This is a beginner friendly group with an ability to accommodate seasoned runners through personal coaching.

Cost: $54  RegisterIn person at NutriFormance or contact

Eads Bridge Duathlon

Wanting to give multisport a shot but don’t know where to start? Take the first steps toward your goal with the Big Shark/NutriFormance training team.

MissionThe goal of the Big Shark/NutriFormance Duathlon training team is to train individuals to complete the 2013 Eads Bridge Duathlon on April 21st.  The program will consist of a 9 week training program with individualized training plans, weekly clinics and supported group training sessions.  Many of the training sessions will be held at the NutriFormance training facility using a combination of treadmills and spinroom stationary bicycles, eliminating the need to own a bicycle to participate.  If you are new to multisport or would like guidance in supplementing your already existing training, this group is for you.

Cost: $159 (Includes Eads Bridge Duathlon Registration)

RegisterIn person at NutriFormance or by email to

For more information please contact:

Amy Strahan –  or Josh Marslof-

30 10, 2012

Take Our Pilates Challenge

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In 10 sessions you will feel a difference, in 20 you will see the difference, and in 30 you will have a whole new body. – Joseph Pilates

Take our Pilates challenge and earn FREE Pilates lessons in our fully equipped studio!

The challenge: Take 8 Mat Pilates classes during the month of November to see and feel the benefits of the Pilates Method. In addition to increased balance and flexibility, a stronger core,  and better postural alignment, we will reward you with FREE Pilates training in our fully equipped studio!

Sign up: Please contact us if you would like to participate. Then be sure to check in at the front desk when you attend class so that we can track your attendance.


The following classes are part of the challenge…

  • Monday 10:30am Mat Pilates with Emily
  • Tuesday 8:30am Mat Pilates with Emily
  • Thursday 8:30am Mat Pilates with Eli
  • Thursday 5:30pm Pilates for Athletes with Emily
  • Sunday 8:30am Mat Pilates with Maria


3 10, 2012

Fat Talk Free Week at NF

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 Fat Talk Free Week at NutriFormance!
Dates: October 15 – 19
Fat Talk Free Week is a five day effort to increase public knowledge of the dangers of fat talk and the effect it has on people’s self esteem and confidence.
Fat talk describes all statements made in everyday conversations that emphasize the thin ideal and add to people’s dissatisfaction with their body.
·       “I’m so fat”
·       “I need to lose at least 5 pounds”
·       “That person is too fat to be wearing that”
·       A statement that still emphasizes the need to be thin can sound positive.
An example is “You look great! Did you lose weight?”
Check out the NutriFormance board for daily tips and challenges on how to be positive about yourself and others to help eliminate fat talk!
10 09, 2012

FREE Chair Massage This Week!

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FREE Chair Massage this week!

Monday, Sept. 10th: 9-10am & 11-Noon

Tuesday, Sept. 11th: 10am-Noon

Thursday, Sept. 13th: 9:30-11am

Do you know about our MASSAGE MEMBERSHIP? Find out how for $50 you can get 2 or more massages a month! Email for details.

Introductory 1-hour massage for $45 *First time clients, in facility only

29 09, 2011

NF Client Ron Rubin's story- a lesson about life

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Device enables CEO to thrive after near-fatal cardiac arrest

Ron Rubin

So how could this happen? He was a runner with seven marathons under his belt and was preparing for his eighth.

Rubin is the CEO of Republic of Tea, a company that preaches a message of healthy practices to employees and customers: Take life easier, ‘sip by sip rather than gulp by gulp.”

Yet he suffered a ventricular tachycardia — a sudden cardiac arrest characterized by a very rapid and irregular heart beat. It’s often fatal, usually in the aftermath of a heart problem or heart surgery, according to the National Library of Medicine.

Rubin says he survived because of CPR by his son, Todd Rubin, efforts in an emergency room in Tiburon, Calif., and his own peak physical condition.

A week later, back in St. Louis, surgeons at Barnes-Jewish Hospital implanted a small defibrillator.

Read more: