You control what foods go into the family kitchen. At the grocery store and in the kitchen, build meals around the whole grains, lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, and hearth healthy fats.

If you do not purchase it, then it is not there. Keep the sweet treats and salty snacks to single serve portions or when the family has a craving for ice cream take a family outing. It’s good quality time and then not there every day.

There are 21 meals per week. Set up your grocery list surrounded around what proteins, whole grains and fruits or vegetables you what to make for breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

If you are aiming for eating consistently with small meals and snacks, then you may add that you need 14 snacks. For snacks try to have a lean protein or low fat dairy or heart healthy fat with fruit or vegetable or whole grain. This would be for your morning and afternoon snack.

Start with a list that is written in the order you walk through the store and it’s also helpful to have a typed list of all your staples and fill in with weekly changes.