Why do I get these “knots”?

Many of us complain on the daily basis of these awful, sometimes painful, spots we have in our muscles. So, what exactly are those knots and how do I get rid of them? In the massage therapy field, a knot is known as trigger point which is a hyper-irritable spot in the body. Based off where these knots are located, they can refer pain throughout the body.

For instance, after pregnancy, due to the changes in the woman’s body, they develop trigger points on a muscle called the piraformis muscle, which is responsible for turning the hip outward. Due to where this muscle is, it compresses on a nerve called your sciatic nerve, and then that person develops what is called Piraformis Syndrome or Sciatica.

So, when you overuse a muscle, you create these areas of tension within the muscle which if not flushed out and lengthening the muscle correctly through stretching, fluid filled with various toxins gets trapped. When caught in the area of the body for too long and it starts to harden. Try it out. Feel around your body and see if you can feel areas that are harder or softer than others. The softer ones just haven’t been there for as long as others.

Typically if you are getting these Trigger Points regularly then you have created muscle memory within the muscles to overwork no matter how much you stretch. This is how you know it’s time to see a massage therapist. The massage therapist will teach your muscles when to relax and when to contract. This is a great additional add on to a training session with muscle building and your stretching routine!

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