Yields: 6 pancakes



·        1 1/3 cup old fashioned oats

·        Optional: 1 Tbsp. ground Flaxseed

·        1 tsp baking powder

·        1/2 cup plain greek yogurt (or flavored).

·        2 eggs

·        3/4 cup milk (Almond, skim, soy, rice…)

·        1 tsp olive oil

·        1 tsp vanilla extract

·        Dash of cinnamon




1.     Add the oats, flaxseed (optional) and baking powder to a blender and blend until fine. Remove and place in a medium bowl.

2.     Add the yogurt, eggs, milk, vanilla, oil and cinnamon into the bowl. Stir until smooth and all incorporated.

3.     Wait 5-10 minutes for the oats to soak up the liquids and create a slightly thicker batter.

4.     Spray pan with non-stick cooking spray and spoon on the batter in desired size. Cook on one side until bubbles appear. Flip pancake and cook until complete.

5.     Serve with peanut butter, fruit and/or syrup. Enjoy!


Nutrition Information: Serving Size: 2 pancakes, Calories: 235,                                                                                Carbohydrates: 26 grams, Fat: 10 grams, Protein: 13 grams