Over the years we have met many clients with specific goal achievement dates in their heads- whether it was a wedding, 20 year class reunion, a doctor’s appointment or an athletic event such as a 10K.  While it is great to set these short term goals, we really strive to get clients to explore how we are going to make these healthy changes last a lifetime.

I began exercising very early after years of watching my father get up very early before work and exercise before heading off to McDonnell Douglas.  It just sort of stuck and became a part of my life.  We want to make you the same sort of role model for your children- but it can’t be all-or- nothing; black and white; eat this but never eat that; or succeed or fail.  It is finding a balance, a fit for you that is comfortable, enjoyable and non-interfering of all of life’s many responsibilities.  In fact, I would say that fitness (nutrition, exercise and bodywork) should ignite your life and make your more productive and happier every day.

This is why we offer many different modalities of fitness.  Our philosophy is really about finding what works for each individual and creating a blended program that helps them succeed.

We hope to help you find your success in 2013!

Sincerely, Dale