We designed this workout to be done at a track but can definitely be done indoors on a treadmill too. Keep in mind that one lap around a track is approximately ¼ mile. Adjust the intensity of the workout to fit your needs by doing more or less laps or sets and jogging or walking versus running.

Start with a dynamic warm up. Follow with 2 laps at a moderate pace.

2 laps:

Sprint/run the straightaways and jog/walk the curves

Strength (at a bench):

Step up to squat – 10 reps each leg

Wide plank knee ins – 10 each side

Lateral step up to lunge – 10 each side

Incline tripod push ups – 10 each leg

Watch the demo video below:

FnF’s “Every BODY is an Athlete” Workout

Repeat entire series, 2 laps and strength, 3-4 times and follow with stretching. And a post workout recovery snack!

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