When designing a workout, we take care to plan exercises that will compliment each other, allow you to perform every move well and promote balance. Here is an example of how to pair moves effectively that add up to a total body workout! Be sure to watch the demo for an explanation of why these exercises work well together and how to do them correctly.

Opposing movements below include: push/pull, opposing muscle groups, high vs low intensity, upper body/lower body, flexion/extension.

Push up – 12
Prone lat pull – 12
Good mornings – 12
Static Lunges -12 each side
Repeat set 3x
Burpees – 8
Inch worms – 8
Repeat x3
Rev sliding planks – 12
Squats with alt rotation – 20 total
Single leg v-up – 12 total
Superman – 10
Repeat 3x
Lateral bounds – 20
Alt Lateral lunge – 12 total
Repeat 3x