Tips & Tricks

Cooking for two people day after day, meal after meal can be time consuming, exhausting, and down right frustrating.  Therefore, many people opt for premade entrees and snacks to satisfy their hunger cues.  However, many of these frozen, prepackaged items are expensive and laden with sugar, salt, and dangerous chemicals.  Homemade cooking is the healthier, most affordable option- it only requires a little upfront patience and strategic planning.  In the end, it will save you time, energy, and money!


1.Cook a batch of whole grains such as brown rice or barley and freeze in individual portions in a zip-top bag.

2.Have a six-pack of whole-grain English muffins or a whole loaf of bread? Tuck those extras into the freezer for another day.

3. Visit the bulk bins grocery stores. You can buy exactly what you need with no waste.

Fruits & Vegetables

1. Don’t be afraid to buy frozen. Just watch out for hidden sugars or sauces

2. Only buy what you can reasonably eat before the produce perishes.

3. Be strategic. Enjoy your most perishable fresh produce like berries and spinach early in the week.


1. Eggs can make a meal happen in a flash, anytime! They are an excellent source of protein and contain a bounty of nutrients such as vitamin D.

2. Buy a whole package of meat or poultry and wrap individual portions in freezer-safe paper

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