After 20 years in this amazing industry of Fitness, Ellie and I have so many reasons to be thankful.  With our busy lives, between running our business and managing 3 kids crazy schedules (Maggie is now 14 and James and Evie are 10), it is hard to step back and really consider all that we have to be thankful for.

Teamwork– with an amazing and dedicated team of professionals, who are not only passionate, but welcoming and understanding of all fitness and athletic levels.  This team makes daily sacrifices in their times and energy to make our business go and our clients find success.   Without our dedicated team, we would just be a bunch of fitness equipment in a stale room.  Instead, one can feel the energy and enthusiasm in the room, just by watching our team go about their business.  I am tremendously thankful for them.  This appreciation extends to all those working behind the front lines, in our business offices, to make sure we operate efficiently.

I am thankful that we have created “Blurry Lines“- the professionalism and knowledge of our team allows us to blur the lines between therapy and performance.  Please don’t get me wrong, we understand our scope, that is part of having the knowledge to know when to refer to a physician or PT.  But I am so thankful that our team pursues higher education such as the Postural Restoration Institute so we can bridge the gap between therapy and return to optimal performance, whether an older adult who just had a joint replacement, or an athlete coming off an ACL injury.  It is so rewarding to see a client get back to 100%!

Not being part of a “its all about me” world–  The fitness industry if full of “look-at-me” businesses.  Many times they reflect their personal goals onto their clients, without really thinking about what the client wants or needs.  Humility has been replaced by over-inflated egos driven by “likes” and “shares”, conversely, not getting those “likes” and “shares” might lead to lower self-esteem.  We (Ellie and I)  have shied away from social media simply because we believe our lives are built around many great people- from amazing committed clients/co-workers, supportive friends and family.  However, it is easy to get sucked into social media and we do need it to promote our business responsibly.  Maybe it is a perspective after 20 years in business, raising a family and being part of our great NF/AR community.  We know our business is built around a we-centric approach, not a me-centric approach.

The Number 18–  The number 18 is very important to me this year as it represents 18 years of marriage for Ellie and I (on Monday the 27th).  I can guarantee that without Ellie, I wouldn’t have had a shot at being blessed with so many great things over our lives together.  My family fills my heart each and every day.  She is the foundation, of not only our family, but also all things NutriFormance.

We wish you and yours a fabulous holiday season filled with family, fitness and fun.  As I did this am, maybe try and sneak a little time to reflect on all you have to be appreciative of and put it on paper.

Sincerely, Dale