Even though it is the general tradition to “save up” your calories for your meal on Thanksgiving………… that is actually the opposite of what you should do for a healthy weight or speedy metabolism.
Eating less (restricting) or skipping meals for a one large meal actually slows metabolism. Treat your Thanksgiving meal just as another meal, have some:
1. Lean protein, white meat turkey about palm size.
2. Grain source. My advice do not spend your calories on the foods you can eat everyday, ie bread or mashed potatoes. Have your aunt’s famous stuffing she only makes on Thanksgiving or your grandma’s pumpkin pie. If you can eat the foods everyday like corn skip it and have your favorites. Try to keep the portion to about the size of your fist.
3. Vegetable. If roasted or steamed about 1-2 fists portion size, if in a sauce or casserole about 1/2-1 fist.
If you treat it as any other meal you will also have more leftovers to enjoy with less cooking for a couple days!
You could also start a family tradition of going for a walk after the meal or there are several turkey trot races in the area.Happy Thanksgiving!