Your Personal Spinning Threshold is the point at which your body converts from aerobic training to anaerobic training. Knowing your Personal Spinning Threshold (PST) will help you work within your personal training zones which can help you better achieve your goals whether it be to lose weight, increase cardiovascular endurance or enhance sports performance. It also allows our instructors a way to accurately guide intervals in class allowing you to better experience the workout they have planned for you. Repeating a Threshold Test is also a great way to measure your progress.

Threshold Testing Classes are a challenging workout for everyone yet suitable for all fitness levels due to the personalized nature. You will increase your workload in staged ramps to help you determine your highest sustainable effort. Your Threshold Test will provide you with your Personal Spinning Threshold (PST), which gives you the wattage range for each training zone.

Join us for one one the following classes and see how you can get so much more from PowerCycle!

  • Monday Jan 27th 5pm with Moira
  • Tuesday Jan 28th 9:30am with Amy
  • Thursday Jan 30th Noon
  • Friday Jan 31st 10am with Kim
  • Saturday Feb 1st 9:30am Lisa