Experience The Benefits Of Spinning With POWER

NutriFormance is proud to offer group classes featuring the newest equipment and technology in Spinning. Our instructors were the first group anywhere to receive specialized training on the Spinner Blade IONs.

Spinner Blade ION: Why Train with Power?

Each bike is equipped with a computer providing accurate feedback about your power output. If you’ve never measured your effort in class, you will be amazed by how it enhances your training. The power meters allow our instructors to use RPM and wattage to guide your level of intensity. Our PowerCycle classes are designed to guide you through your personal training zones creating a customized workout every class!

Determining Your Personal Spinning Threshold

We offer Threshold Test Classes suitable for all fitness levels. The 45 minute class helps you determine your highest sustainable effort in ramped stages. The Threshold Test will provide you with your Personal Spinning Threshold (PST), which gives you the wattage range for each training zone. Learning your PST, allows you to train the desired energy systems according to your own physiological markers. And with the ability to measure power output, you’ll be able to track your progress and actually see improvement! We recommend periodically repeating a threshold test because as you get stronger, your training zones will change.

In addition to our Threshold Testing Classes, 1-on-1 sessions are available with our PowerCycle instructors