UltraMeal Advanced Protein Powder – Maximize your protein!

Do you feel fatigued during your workout or just during your day?

Do you always feel hungry?

Do you follow food restrictions or have food intolerances?


– promote muscle maintenance and repair

– necessary for muscle growth

– keeps our body functioning at optimal levels

– keeps us satisfied and energized

– For muscle growth, shoot for 10-35% total calories from protein

(Ex. 50-175g for 2000 calories/day; 75-260g for 3000 calories/ day)

– For maintaining muscle mass, shoot for 0.37g per pound of body

weight (Ex. 55g for 150 pounds, 75g for 200 pounds)


– Try UltraMeal Advanced Protein!

– 2 scoops provide 20g plant-based protein,

including BCAAs

– Muscle tissue uses BCAAs as fuel and

supports muscle growth

– Pea and rice protein – added together, pea and rice make a complete protein which is as effective as whey protein

– Contains 4g prebiotic fiber – promotes

optimal digestive tract function – Contains cocoa polyphenols – helps

maintain healthy blood flow – 25 vitamins and minerals!

Other protein foods include

1 large egg = 6 grams

1 cup low-fat milk = 8 grams

1 cup plain low-fat yogurt = 12 grams

½ cup low-fat cottage cheese = 14 grams

2 tablespoons peanut butter = 8 grams

1 cup quinoa = 8 grams

3 ounces of lean ground beef = 22 grams

3 ounces skinless, baked chicken = 26 grams

3 ounces grilled salmon = 21 grams

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