Have you ever wondered what the perfect blend of metabolic training, corrective exercise (think flexibility and core training) and cardiovascular fitness might look like?  Well, we have created it and it is called F.I.T.- Functional, Integrated Training and it is a blend of small group personal training where we focus on strength and metabolic conditioning, small group Pilates on the reformers and small group rowing, cycling and treading.  In an average week, we can hit 3 different training systems– all with one membership!  No more going all over town to do a barre class here, a rowing class there and a Pilates class somewhere else.  You are spending a fortune and most of the time you don’t even have a membership that would allow you to come in on your own and do some cardio or strength train.  And at NutriFormance, it gets even better, when you are enrolled as a FIT member, you also get all 75 of our hybrid and basic classes ranging from metabolic training, yoga, barre classes, etc.  Purchase our no-strings attached 7 day trial and come in and experience our service and classes for yourself.  Ideally, after purchase, we would love to sit down with you and map out a schedule that is conducive to your goals, schedule and likes and dislikes.  We will help you with your nutrition by including a complimentary 30 minute consultation with our registered dietitians.  You will get to sample any of our classes and see what a gym is like that has been described as Cheers (where everybody knows your name).  Even after you purchase your 7 day trial, we can adjust your start date to make it work best for you.  To schedule your complimentary consultation, please email patrickm@nutriformance.com.

Lastly, we are always happy to meet and consult on your fitness training goals and needs.  In addition to our memberships and classes, we offer packages in one-on-one personal training, Pilates, massage, and nutrition coaching.  We can custom build a program for you that is considerate of your lifestyle- travel schedule, work and family demands and goals.  You do not need a membership to utilize any of our services.

Where everyBODY is an Athlete, EveryBODY Counts!  Shoot us an email today!  We are locally owned and are available every day.  My email is daleh@nutriformance.com

Sincerely, Dale