These days there’s an app for just about everything you need and nutrition is included. But how effective are nutrition apps in getting you where you want to go? Can they take the place of an individualized nutrition approach?

Energy Needs


–          track what you eat and how much you exercise

–          compare your energy balance to an amount that is budgeted for you

–          create a budgeted amount of calories for you based only on height and weight

NutriFormance RDs:

–          Test your individual needs based with Resting Metabolism, body type and composition, genetics, how active you are, and if you have any other health concerns

–          make necessary adjustments as you make progress and your needs change


Goal Setting & Nutrition Plans


–          created to fit the needs of a standard population and general nutrition guidelines

NutriFormance RDs:

–          create an individualized nutrition plan based on where you like to grocery shop and eat out.

–          set individual goals based on what you want to achieve, whether it is losing weight, improving performance or training for an event…. or can combine all three.


Timing & Nutrition Content


–          do not consider timing of eating which impacts exercise and weight loss

–          do not assist in balancing the nutrients through eat meal and snack

NutriFormance RDs:

–          plan individualized meals and snacks around exercise to optimize performance

–          help you adjust meal timing to prevent starvation mode

–          help you choose foods that are nutrient dense and will improve your overall health


Support and Advice


–           generalized tips

NutriFormance RDs:

–          target what obstacles or challenges that can get you off track and give you the tools to get back to making progress

–          guidance and expert advice on individualized nutrition concerns or questions you may have

Ultimately, apps are a useful when it comes to your nutrition goals. Unfortunately, they are just that, a tool. Just like the scale. Using it alone will not get you to all your goals.