Fall Fit

Sculpt Tone & Tighten

by Meredith Bush
Friday, September 9, 2011 8:50 AM CDT

Dale Huff, NutriFormance
NutriFormance allows clients to choose from low-impact classes like Pilates to high-intensity classes like metabolic training. The gym offers a variety of membership programs. “We have two different membership platforms: hybrid-small group personal training, which is up to 12 in a class. We also have personal training memberships,” explains Dale Huff, co-owner of NutriFormance.

For those dropping the kids off at school and wanting to get back in shape, the memberships are easy. “For one fee, even with a personal trainer just once a week, you get access to the gym and classes,” says Huff. One big thing Huff stresses is consistency. “It’s key when getting back into routine.” In addition to hybrid training, kettlebell classes, cycling, yoga, Pilates and even Sleek Physique classes also are offered.

Huff says activities outside the gym are just as helpful as ones inside. “Try raking your own leaves.”