Make an informed decision and do what’s best for you! Think lasting lifestyle changes. Not quick solutions.

Master Cleanse: Allows 60 oz. of a homemade lemonade beverage made of lemon Juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and water. No solid foods allowed.

Detox Diet: Most detoxes only allow fruit and vegetable juices and water. No solid foods allowed. Some detoxes allow fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, no other solid foods. Few detoxes are a little less strict, allowing whole grains and flaxseed.

The body naturally detoxifies itself daily. The liver and kidneys process toxins and eliminates them through perspiration and waste.

The colon’s natural microorganisms detoxify food wastes.


• Can help end a current chaotic eating pattern by introducing simplicity and eating/drinking only clean whole foods.

• Reduction in alcohol and caffeine intake and drinking more water

• Decreased intake of high‐fat and highly refined and processed foods

•Eating more plant‐based foods such as fruits and vegetables


• Any weight loss stems from fluid and potentially muscle loss

• Weight regain is rapid after  stopping diet.

• After a while, fasting can slow down your metabolic rate, making it more difficult to keep weight off.

• Extremely restrictive, you may need to supplement with the important nutrients you’re missing found in grains, milk, heart healthy fats and lean meat.

• Potential negative side effects include fatigue, low blood sugar, muscle pains, physical weakness, and dizziness.

• Can lead to intense cravings and rebound overeating