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Personal Training

One-on-One Personal Training

If you have orthopedic issues that need be addressed or specific goals (sports, posture, etc) then one-on-one personal training may be just what you need to achieve your goals. We specialize in corrective exercise, functional fitness (improving the way you move for life & sport) and weight management. Many of our advanced personal trainers are cross-trained as physical therapistscertified athletic trainers and registered dietitians. Our diverse training team works together to ensure your success! Personal training can be purchased as packages whether in-home or our facility. We also offer Personal Training Memberships which are our best value for those wanting to do more than just work with a personal trainer a few times week.

Our Personal Training Memberships Include:

  • One-on-One Personal Training Package of 4,8 or 12 sessions month
  • Unlimited Hybrid Small Group Metabolic Training (TRX/ViPR, Hybrid Athlete, Hybrid Training)
  • Unlimited Basic Classes (see the schedule under the scheduling tab- Group Fitness)
  • Unlimited Facility Access

Small Group Personal Training

Our small group personal training (up to 4 participants) is offered by 5 different trainers and 35 times/week. Small Group PT is scheduled via our on-line scheduling software making it the most convenient and affordable personal training option anywhere. Great for those who like training with a group, are relatively fit with minimal orthopedic concerns.

For one low price this program includes:

  • Unlimited Small Group Personal Training sessions
  • Unlimited Hybrid Small Group Metabolic Training (TRX/ViPR), Hybrid Athlete, Hybrid)
  • Unlimited Basic Group Fitness (see the schedule under the scheduling tab- Group Fitness)
  • Unlimited Facility Access

Check out our scheduling page and look for the tab labeled Small Group PT to see times offered. We offer a complimentary visit to discuss if Small Group PT is a good fit for you!

Personal Training Team

What is our personal training philosophy?

Our training philosophy is to provide functional training, which applies to all walks of life—at home, work or play. Not only does it help burn calories for weight loss or improve muscle tone and definition, but also it improves the way you live.

Movement requires 5 basic elements: trunk stabilization, coordination, balance, flexibility, and strength. Whether you realize it or not, the body functions as a whole and integrates most, if not all, of these basic elements. NutriFormance functional training encompasses all of these elements and more.

We understand that everybody has different goals, body types, and current or past health histories. That is why you will not see any generic programming for our clients. Each program will not only incorporate our 5 basic elements of movement, but it will take into consideration your specific goals, medical and orthopedic condition(s), body mechanics and posture.  We also plan on making it fun for you to come to the club and to look forward to your workouts!

What makes NutriFormance different from other personal training companies?

Education, Teamwork and a Client-Centered Approach!  NutriFormance employs all of our personal trainers and we work as a team to ensure our client’s success.  It is not uncommon to see two trainers brain-storming on a solution to a clients orthopedic issues or to see two trainer evaluating a client.  Most of our trainers have degrees in exercise-related fields, even advanced education as physical therapists, certified athletic trainers and registered dietitians, and all are certified personal trainers. We also train our employees on proper personal training techniques and we are constantly re-educating ourselves on the latest nutrition and personal training information.  In addition, we have 15 Kettle bell certified trainers on staff

How do I get matched with a personal trainer?

Initially we meet with you to discuss your goals, exercise likes/dislikes, injuries, goals and exercise adherence. Based on this discussion your sales consultant and director of personal training will match you with a trainer based on personality, education, experience, goals and availability. If you would like to schedule a complementary consult please call Dale Huff at 314-432-6103 or by email at daleh@nutriformance.com.

What if I have concerns/needs outside the scope of practice of NutriFormance?

Besides nutrition counseling, personal training, physical therapy and massage therapy, we are in close contact with many medical professionals. We have professional relationships with orthopedic surgeons, athletic trainers, physical therapists and other professional services that compliment the services we provide and will not hesitate to refer you to someone if we feel your concerns/needs demand a higher level of service.

Core Stability Evaluation – Our Preferred First Step!

The “core” is the foundation of human movement. These muscles run the entire length of the torso to stabilize the spine, pelvis, and shoulder girdle. A strong core distributes the stresses of weight-bearing activities and protects the back. Before starting an exercise program, one should know what condition their core is in. A Core Stability Evaluation identifies strengths and weaknesses and will determine the first phase of an exercise program. This evaluation takes approximately 60 minutes and requires you to be in workout attire.  The CSE is strongly suggested, but not mandatory if you are ready to just get after it!

Our personal training programs vary in scope dependent on your goals. 

We never try and hard sell you into something you don’t need or want.  We have smaller personal training packages as small as 3 sessions.  We love to educate and design fitness programs, so whatever you are wanting to accomplish, we have a certified personal trainer on staff who can get you there!   

We also offer Personal Training Memberships Which Includes:

  • Personal Training Sessions
  • Unlimited Hybrid Group Personal Training Sessions
  • Unlimited Group Fitness Classes
  • Unlimited Facility Access

These memberships work great for those who want to supplement their personal training with some classes and personal workouts.  Programs include 4, 8 and 12 session packages.