Most people think of massage as a TREAT they give themselves at a spa. At NutriFormance, Massage is a huge component of active fitness lifestyle aiding in recovery, relief for aches and pains and enhancing mobility.

Our Licensed Massage Therapists (LMTs) are astute at helping clients through corrective and therapeutic massage. While we are not a spa, we do help clients lessen the symptoms of stress on their body. We help you move better, lessen pain, aid in recovery, and generally feel better! We offer a variety of techniques to fit your needs and we listen to your likes/dislikes and goals prior to beginning your massage. Our LMTs work closely with our personal trainers, physical therapists, certified athletic trainers, Pilates instructors and registered dietitians to ensure comprehensive care. What would be better than having your service providers working closely together to create your active fitness lifestyle plan?

Everyone can benefit from the RIGHT massage therapy program!

NutriFormance’s typical client is leading or pursuing an active fitness lifestyle and range in age from late teens to approaching a century in age! Our clients chose NutriFormance massage therapy over other places because they seek improved function, recovery from an injury or illness, or generally just want to feel better. Clients include corporate athletes, retired active aging, weekend warriors and those who compete in endurance events.

Not every massage therapy company has the same focus or education. Our massage therapists practice what they preach and lead active fitness lifestyles themselves. They know what it feels like to be sore, recover from an event and to be in pursuit of healthy living!

Massage has the best result when done consistently which is why we offer packages and massage membership. You do not need to be a member of our fitness center to utilize any of our services.

This is not recommended right after or before a workout. The focus is to release over contracted or used muscles “to get the knot out”. This style can cause soreness the next day. Ice is advised to be used 20 minutes before bed and water as well.
This is a general term in the massage industry. Its focus is on circulation. Most therapists will integrate in other styles of massage into Swedish. Mostly used for relaxation.
Therapeutic massage: Achieves relief by working on a specific problem area or client concern.  The therapist may incorporate other modalities to help the client in the best way possible.
This is a “non deep” tissue massage. It breaks up the scar tissue and lengthens out the muscles fibers that were bulked up during a workout. The focus of this massage is on stretching, not a typical relaxation.
This technique is used to assist in allowing the fascia (web of connective tissue) to move freely. Stretching of the fascia in small increments throughout the body is completed in this session.
Special needs such as prenatal massage or an orthopedic concern please email to get set up appropriately.

All Licensed Massage Therapists are not alike!

Seeing a massage therapist for the first time is a huge leap of faith which is why we always offer a 1st time massage rate of $45! Plus, our Director of Massage Therapy is always happy to discuss your likes and dislikes and match you up with the right LMT prior to your first session. Have any specific questions? Feel free to e-mail her personally at

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While training for marathons the last two years there have been numerous occasions where I felt tired and beat up. You can only get so much relief from stretching and the foam roller. It was suggested that I try a massage. I can definitely say the massages I got made a big difference in my training and recovery. I like the fact that she would listen to what I was saying and worked on those areas. She even found spots that I didn’t know hurt. She was very professional and friendly the whole time and the environment at NutriFormance is very relaxing, clean and comfortable. I am convinced the deep tissue massage helps the body heal, which leads to better workouts and performance.
John Fagan
When I joined NutriFormance, I had recently moved to the St Louis area. I was dealing with an old injury and feeling out of shape from the stress of the move. Nurtiformance offered everything I was looking for in one place – a gym, private Pilates, and massage therapy.
Sari Hausler

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