Before co-founding NutriFormance, LLC, Ellie completed her undergraduate training at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics. Ellie earned the title of Registered Dietitian by completing a comprehensive dietetic internship at Saint Louis University and passing the registration exam in October 1996. She completed the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s exam and is a certified strength and conditioning specialist.

With NutriFormance, Ellie has consulted with a wide array of athletes, from professional triatheletes and collegiate football players to beginner exercisers, and is very skilled at bringing the nutrition education to the level and needs of the athlete or fitness participant. Ellie specializes in sports & cardiovascular nutrition, eating disorders, and weight loss and maintenance. She has also worked with a variety of medical nutrition therapies. Ellie lectures frequently about sports nutrition, eating disorders, family nutrition and basic nutrition to various athletic teams, schools, and corporations. She has also been interviewed by channel 30 about different sports nutrition topics.

On a personal note, Ellie was a state champion in women’s tennis and continues to be an avid tennis player. Her fitness routine involves walking, biking and strength training to prepare her for tennis and relieve the stresses of owning your own business.

Ellie’s certifications and memberships include:

  • Registered Dietitian #850440
  • CPR and First Aid- ARC
  • Member- American Dietetic Association
  • Member- St. Louis Dietetic Association
  • St. Louis Chairperson- Sports, Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutritionists
  • Student Representative-Member Initiative Team-ADA
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist-NSCA

It is Ellie’s belief that fitness and nutrition go hand and hand. The nutrition prescription must fit into the lifestyle of the client and be satisfying to the palate. Ellie stresses variety and moderation in eating and teaches clients to make food trade-offs (substituting low-fat and high-fat items to balance fat and calorie intake).