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What sets us apart from other facilities is our professional, educated fitness team. Employing advanced personal trainers, registered dietitians, physical therapists, sports performance coaches, licensed massage therapists, and the most innovative group fitness instructors makes us the best choice for those wanting weight loss, help recovering from an injury, surgery or illness, and performance enhancement in athletics or life (functional changes). Our fun, upscale, energetic facilities and staff will make you look forward to coming to the gym!

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October Fitness’n Fuel

This month we challenge you to re-think cardio! Using high intensity intervals in shorts bursts is more effective than a steady state workout and will burn more calories during, and after. The circuits below are designed to be 24 to … Read More →

GO! BIG Endurance Training Program

2014 GO BIG Endurance Training Program – Big Shark Bicycle Company – St. Louis, MO

Overview: This program is geared toward all levels of athletes looking to maintain fitness and improve their base conditioning. The goal of the program is to maintain general fitness while building strength and flexibility in order to have an edge in 2015. A team of seasoned triathletes and professionals will work alongside participants throughout the course of the training program. The cost of the program is $300 and includes some BIG values!

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Sugar BOOs

Prevent Blood Sugar Crashes. 1. Eat consistently Consume a meal or snack every 3-4 hours Decrease portions at meals to add snacks between 2 .Include a lean source of protein at each meal & snack Meat Poultry Fish Beans Eggs … Read More →

Immune Boosting Nutrition & Exercise

Immune boosting nutrition and exercise! This workout consists of 4 mini circuits that progress in difficulty. These corrective moves will help teach proper muscle recruitment, efficient movement, core stability, balance and flexibility. Focus on good form and you will definitely … Read More →

How NutriFormance Started

On a cold January night in 1997, Ellie Zografakis did not watch her favorite TV show—and that’s when the story of the Nutriformance began. That night away from the tube would lead Ellie to Dale Huff, her future husband and … Read More →

Poached Salmon

INGREDIENTS:  3 pounds salmon 1 cup white wine 1 cup celery, chopped 5 sprigs dill 1 lemon DIRECTIONS: Spray the bottom of a pyrex pan. Place celery on the bottom of pan, and place salmon over the celery. Pour wine … Read More →

Power Foods that Boost Immunity

Yogurt:probiotics are live, healthy cultures found in yogurt that keeps the intestinal tract free of germs that cause diseases. Fish:selenium increases the production of proteins called cytokines. These help the body fight off viruses that can cause the flu. Chicken … Read More →

NF PowerCycle Individual Time Trial – July 26th, 2014

contre la montre – “against the watch” All proceeds going to Pedal the Cause An individual time trial (ITT) is a road bicycle race in which cyclists race alone against the clock, also known as the Race of Truth. Just … Read More →