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What sets us apart from other facilities is our professional, educated fitness team. Employing advanced personal trainers, registered dietitians, physical therapists, sports performance coaches, licensed massage therapists, and the most innovative group fitness instructors makes us the best choice for those wanting weight loss, help recovering from an injury, surgery or illness, and performance enhancement in athletics or life (functional changes). Our fun, upscale, energetic facilities and staff will make you look forward to coming to the gym!

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Eating Out Healthfully

With Labor Day and school starting up, we start to ponder, what do I bring to the neighborhood cookout?  What do I pack for the tailgating party?  What do I pack the kids school lunch?  Suddenly, eating out seems like … Read More →

beet, cherry, berry smoothie

1.5 cups almond milk or apple juice 1-2 small beets 3/4 cup frozen cherries 3/4 cup frozen strawberries 2 cups kale, stems removed and leaves chopped Peel beets, cut into quarters, add to blender. Add remaining ingredients and blend in … Read More →

Homemade “Ice Cream”

Snacks are a part of a healthy, balanced intake. Snacks = blood sugar stability. Indulgences are also part of healthy eating!  If you have a sweet tooth, allow yourself to have the foods you enjoy without judgment.  So here is … Read More →

Body Image

Calories are Energy There is more to food than calories: Taste, texture, color, family time, & enjoyment. There are no “good foods” or “bad foods” Everything is healthy in moderation Indulgences are part of healthy eating. Eating a variety of … Read More →

21 Day Plant Based Challenge Recipes

1. Southwestern Loaded Sweet Potato 1 medium sweet potato 3/4 cup black beans 1/2 avocado 1/3 cup salsa or pico de gallo Directions: Bake sweet potato at 350F for 1 hour. Top with black beans, salsa, and avocado. Nutrition: Calories … Read More →

Are You Wearing the Correct Fitness Shoe?

By Randy Leopando, CSCS, FMS, Director of Personal Training Are you wearing the correct type of shoe when you exercise?  The right shoe can make or break your workout. After all, an ill-fitting shoe can cause faulty mechanics, pain, and … Read More →

Energy Boosting Sample Meal Plan

All meals that you find on the sample meal plan are rich in whole-grains, fruit, vegetables, and lean proteins. These meals are full of vitamins , and minerals and will keep  you satisfied, and fueled throughout the day to keep … Read More →

Energy Boosting!

As we approach the month of December we are faced with many challenges that keep us from staying in compliant with our normal schedules and routines.  From holiday parties to family gatherings it is quite easy to fall off track. … Read More →