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Where EveryBODY is an Athlete, EveryBODY Counts!

Voted Top Fitness Center by Ladue News Readers 2009-2016!

Why Choose NutriFormance?

We have the focus of a small personal training or Pilates studio with the amenities and value of a full-scale fitness center.

We consider ourselves a fitness coaching facility and strive to be available to help all our members succeed at fitness, performance and recovery. While we pack a lot of value into our memberships, you do not need to be a member in order to utilize any of our services!  Check out our Massage Therapy, Pilates, Nutrition Counseling, Personal Training, Sports Performance Enhancement services.

Personal Training

Personal Training

Many of our advanced personal trainers are cross-trained as physical therapists, certified athletic trainers and registered dietitians. Our diverse training team works together to ensure your success!

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Our highly skilled certified Pilates instructors each bring their own style and area of expertise to the Pilates method. Let us personalize a results driven Pilates program for you.

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Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition Counseling

As Registered Dietitians we don’t sell quick fixes or advertise propaganda. We teach you sound nutritional practices that you will use for the rest of your life. Let us design a custom-built program just for you!

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Massage & BodyWork

Rejuvenate and relax with our licensed massage therapists who specialize in relaxation and therapeutic massage that includes aspects of myofascial release, positional release, sports massage, and shiatsu.

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Sports Performance

We help athletes of all ages and skill levels gain the edge in speed, agility, power and quickness with personalized, professional sports training programs, scientifically developed to improve overall athletic performance and enhance self esteem.

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Group Fitness

You will find TRX, VIPR, superbands, physioballs, battle ropes, cable machines, and even rowing machines splashed into many of our classes.

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Try 7 Days of unlimited classes and small group training – FREE!

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The best gym in St. Louis?

Don’t take our word for it, check out what our members have to say!

Seven years after my first successful weight loss using NutriFormance’s nutrition advice, I returned for a tune-up after a few pounds started creeping back on. In the intervening years they updated the program to include online tracking for your food diary and weekly email feedback from the nutrition counselor. At first I didn’t see what I needed to change in my daily habits to start losing weight, but Emily [Bailey] sent very helpful suggestions for tweaking my food intake to better match with my weight loss goal. By the fourth week, I settled into some new norms, and I started to see a regular loss of about 1-2 pounds each week. I’ve reached my goal and I’m still tracking online just to see how a maintenance food plan compares to a weight loss food plan. It’s been great!
Mary Santen
Before I joined the weight loss program, I wasn’t eating right and did exercising but I felt that was not enough. I also wasn’t very happy with my weight. I didn’t eat breakfast before I came to the workout. So I thought about the weight loss program at NutriFormance and I started to join it. I have learned that the weight loss program is not really a “diet” but it helps me to eat anything but in a healthy and nutritrious way.

The program works for me as well as I have learned so much about nutrition and weight loss. I have lost almost 12 pounds and 2 percentages off of body fat [in 3 months]. It also helps me to stay on the right track. I still continue to work on my weight loss until I reach my goal in the next spring. After I reach my weight goal, I want to maintain my weight and continue to exercise. I am happy with the program. It also helps me to learn to eat in a healthy way on my own. I thank Emily [Bailey] for her help with my weight loss.

Finally, the most important thing is to eat healthy and stay active.

Noel Mangano
When I joined NutriFormance, I had recently moved to the St Louis area. I was dealing with an old injury and feeling out of shape from the stress of the move. Nurtiformance offered everything I was looking for in one place – a gym, private Pilates, and massage therapy.

I wanted to tell you – this is the first gym that I have joined, that I actually attend. In the past I have joined gyms and have not gone because I felt uncomfortable waking in the door. At NutriFormance, the environment is so welcoming and the variety of offerings makes it a wonderful place to come each day. I have never been a “class” person, but at NutriFormance, I go to classes all the time. The classes are never the same and it keeps it interesting and exciting to come back.

The trainers are creative, friendly, well educated, and caring. They are excellent in providing modifications for different exercises whether related to ability or an injury. They make each class interesting, so you never feel like you are doing the same thing each week.

It’s been 6 months since joining, and I feel much stronger and healthier. Thank you NutriFormance for being a great place to come and get healthy!

Sari Hausler
NutriFormance Gym is my ally as I lose weight and keep it off.

Dale & Ellie have assembled a remarkable team of teachers and trainers dedicated to inspiring clients of all ages and sizes to attain their fitness goals. I have found a balance of training, yoga and nutrition counseling that works for me, all at one location.

Thank you, NutriFormance, for all that you bring to the world of fitness!

Mary 0
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