Chris Elliott, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

Prior to joining NutriFormance, Chris left the corporate world to become a Massage Therapist. Through his passion and purpose to help people, Chris graduated from A Gathering Place Massage School in 2022. Chris’ commitment to fitness, a regular massage regime and nutrition has played a significant role in who he is today. He wants to support people on their fitness and wellness journey, and massage therapy plays a significant role in this. Chris specializes in Sports Massage, Deep Tissue and Stretching.

Although Chris has lived in St. Louis for twenty years, he still calls home the family farm in Western Kentucky, so you may hear a little southern twang at times. He loves the outdoors, sports, fitness of all kinds and working out. Most important are his family and friends. Chris has two adult children and one grandson that all live back home in Kentucky.
Chris Elliott, LMT Licensed Massage Therapist


Welcome to NutriFormance where every BODY matters and we strive to know all our client’s by name as well as understanding why they chose NF to pursue their fitness goals.  We hope to over-deliver in making NutriFormance like a second home, a fun environment that is also focused and dedicated to our clientele’s success.  

We aren’t chasing members just to hit a number.  We are pursuing clients who fit what we do, who appreciate a team of advanced professionals and a community that is much like an extended family.  We are far from a red-tape laden big box gym that only wants your membership dollars and doesn’t care about you as an individual.

ellie & dale huff- Nutriformance, St. Louis, MO
Dale and ellie huff- Nutriformance, St. Louis, MO
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