So many fad diets…… so little time!  Life is busy enough without trying to go on every diet out there. When it comes to making healthy food choices, make sure you find what works for you.  If it sounds too good to be true…..
If you decide to follow a program for 4 weeks and you had some results, that is great!  However, the big question……. What happens after the 4 weeks?  What did you learn? If you followed a specific diet plan, does it fit into your life?  Did you exclude foods that you normally would consume?
Steer clear from diets:

  • Rapid weight loss.  All that rapid weight loss gives you is a slower metabolism and you may have lost weight but it was not fat.
  • Food restriction. This creates a mental and emotional battle which usually results in feelings of failure.
  • Unlimited quantities of only certain foods.  All foods fit! Why would you ever want to eat only the same 2-5 foods and that is it?
  • Pills, drinks, or powders.  Always stick with whole, real food.  Any supplement is not regulated and there can be substances that adversely effect your health.

When you decide to stop fitting into someone else’s mold of what you should do, then you will find your healthy body and mind. Find your diet and that will be what works best for you.