The link above features the newest diet craze. If you have been reading my blog you know I consistently recommend:
1.there are no quick fixes
2.if you cannot maintain the “diet” then the results will not be maintainable
3.deprivation leads to many emotional eating issues
4.losing weight quickly results in water and muscle weight lost not fat
5.losing weight quickly slows down your metabolism
6.whole foods is always the best
7.trying to live up to the “perfect” or “ideal” body or eating style is not realistic

This diet is not different except more severe and with increased potential for complications.

The tube feeding diet is now being offered to brides but also those wanting a “quick” weight loss. For 10 days, a feeding tube (NG tube) is inserted through the nose into the stomach and liquid tube feeding (protein and fat) is given in the amount of 800 calories. No other food or liquid is consumed. Under doctor’s supervision.

What is not discussed is that tube feedings are given to those patients who are very ill and or suffering from eating disorders. This is not a healthy way to eat. complications can include dehydration, constipation, erosions and kidneys stones. Those on tube feeding should be monitored daily. There is no follow-up program after the tube feeding is removed.

Always remember if it sounds to good to be true then it probably is!