East, West, Home is Best.

I began my Pilates practice at NutriFormance about three years ago at the suggestion of a friend. In the past year I found the confidence to seek out additional opportunities to practice while traveling. It has been an interesting journey. I have had the honor to learn from many wonderful instructors who offer differing (even conflicting) insights, and instruction that ranges from staunchly classical to radically contemporary schools of Pilates.  This has given me an even greater appreciation for my homies at NutriFormance where I now know that the instruction is a well-conceived blend designed to support health, and grow confidence and strength in a safe, kind yet invigorating environment. The fabulous team of instructors at our gym also brings various perspectives to the table, and they have melded them together to perfect the art of instruction so as best to meet their clients needs. 

Allow me to offer an example. I recently returned from organizing a large, complex event in Southern California (where I had also taken two reformer classes of the radically contemporary kind). As I came into a semi-private class at NutriFormance with Emily she asked what we’d like to work on. I rather flippantly threw out that I’d just like to get my head back on my shoulders and return to a state of normalcy after this all-consuming event, and also that I was stiff from sitting on an airplane too long the day before. Ahah! Said Emily – I know just what we’ll do. The class wrought a small miracle for me. By working us specifically within the confines of the reformer it not only resolved my soreness but more amazingly it did indeed restore a sense of balance and sanity to my scattered mind allowing me to move forward with dramatically increased focus. Who would have thought? One stop shopping for body and mind!

Fiona Woods
Before I joined the weight loss program, I wasn’t eating right and did exercising but I felt that was not enough. I also wasn’t very happy with my weight. I didn’t eat breakfast before I came to the workout. So I thought about the weight loss program at NutriFormance and I started to join it. I have learned that the weight loss program is not really a “diet” but it helps me to eat anything but in a healthy and nutritrious way.

The program works for me as well as I have learned so much about nutrition and weight loss. I have lost almost 12 pounds and 2 percentages off of body fat [in 3 months]. It also helps me to stay on the right track. I still continue to work on my weight loss until I reach my goal in the next spring. After I reach my weight goal, I want to maintain my weight and continue to exercise. I am happy with the program. It also helps me to learn to eat in a healthy way on my own. I thank Emily [Bailey] for her help with my weight loss.

Finally, the most important thing is to eat healthy and stay active.

Noel Mangano
When I joined NutriFormance, I had recently moved to the St Louis area. I was dealing with an old injury and feeling out of shape from the stress of the move. Nurtiformance offered everything I was looking for in one place – a gym, private Pilates, and massage therapy.

I wanted to tell you – this is the first gym that I have joined, that I actually attend. In the past I have joined gyms and have not gone because I felt uncomfortable waking in the door. At NutriFormance, the environment is so welcoming and the variety of offerings makes it a wonderful place to come each day. I have never been a “class” person, but at NutriFormance, I go to classes all the time. The classes are never the same and it keeps it interesting and exciting to come back.

The trainers are creative, friendly, well educated, and caring. They are excellent in providing modifications for different exercises whether related to ability or an injury. They make each class interesting, so you never feel like you are doing the same thing each week.

It’s been 6 months since joining, and I feel much stronger and healthier. Thank you NutriFormance for being a great place to come and get healthy!

Sari Hausler
NutriFormance Gym is my ally as I lose weight and keep it off.

Dale & Ellie have assembled a remarkable team of teachers and trainers dedicated to inspiring clients of all ages and sizes to attain their fitness goals. I have found a balance of training, yoga and nutrition counseling that works for me, all at one location.

Thank you, NutriFormance, for all that you bring to the world of fitness!

Mary 0
My wife, daughter, and I met NutriFormance dietitian Emily Bailey at the Schnucks in Ladue for a grocery store tour. After some Q&A, we took a walk through all of the departments of the store comparing labels on the products we currently purchase with some healthier alternatives.

After taking this tour, my 14 year old daughter asked to go to Whole Foods with me to pick up something for dinner. While she was walking through the store, she was constantly reading ingredients and comparing labels pointing out things she noticed from our tour. It was awesome to see her engaged. It has encouraged her to be involved in food selection and preparation. It was definitely the missing piece of our healthy lifestyle change. I would highly recommend anyone looking to make a lifestyle eating change take the grocery store tour with a NutriFormace dietitian, and involve as many members of your family as you can!

Trying to compete in golf tournaments with guys half my age was getting to be a challenge. I read that strength training could improve my club head speed and make my second 9 holes play as well as my first. I’ve been working with Randy Leopando at NutriFormance for 10 years now and can drive the golf ball with much greater control and distance. I no longer have lower back pain after I play and feel that I am able to keep up with the younger guys!
Jim Dunn, 2005 Metropolitan Amateur Golf Association Senior Player of the Year
NutriFormance and its staff continue to be a pleasure to work with from an employee benefit and wellness program standpoint. Their facilities offer a convenient, state-of-the-art facility for our employees to get healthy and relieve stress. The NutriFormance team, trainers and instructors are highly knowledgeable and care about our needs. They have been extremely flexible in fulfilling our requests. Not only do our employees enjoy working out at NutriFormance, but they are also taking advantage of educational sessions, personal training and group fitness classes. Keep up the great work!
Kylie Ayala, Human Resource Director for Brinkmann Constructors
This is the best facility and program that I have ever found. The instructors are the best, they keep the classes challenging and vary them so they move along. I actually hate leaving for the winter and warm weather. Keep up the good work!
Marilyn Carney
Dale/Ellie deserve a lot of credit for running a great operation; NutriFormance at Frontenac has been a wonderful operation. Exercising there has enabled me not only to keep fit but given me the energy I need to lead a full and productive life. Here’s to many more years of NutriFormance. Thank you for being there.
Esther Langsam
Personally my eight relocations across the country and numerous health club memberships over my lifetime provide me a basis to judge good health clubs from great health clubs. NutriFormance is one of those great clubs. NutriFormance’s highly experienced and professional staff provides as little, or as much, one-on-one training as I desire. The staff pays attention to all the fine details I’d expect from a great club. Most important to me, NutriFormance has delivered the weight loss and strength gain results I’ve expected. If someone is looking for that one place where people really care about you and know your name, NutriFormance is the place.
Lou Martire
I knew I didn’t want to jump on the [corporate big box health club] bandwagon so I decided to stay and give NutriFormance a chance. I am so glad I stayed! I train 5-6 days a week here. It is a warm environment and the staff is always happy to see you. They will answer any questions that you have and make sure that you are well taken care of. The facility and the equipment are some of the best I have used, not to mention how clean everything is, especially the locker rooms.
Shawn Summers
There is always a little anxiety deep inside that I will find myself on You Tube performing some crazy exercise on a bosu ball with Carolyn [Ripp] watching the clock and counting down, ten more seconds, keep going, you can do it. Yet in reality, those are the exercises and encouragement that I find the most irresistible because the more ridiculous the contortion the better I feel in the long run. At 48 years old, I am in the best shape of my life and hopefully an inspiration to my children, who also workout at NutriFormance while home from school. I appreciate the cleanliness of the gym and the friendly welcoming staff who are always respectful and supportive. Keep up the great work!
Karen K
We have belonged to many gyms throughout the years and have finally found the perfect one. NutriFormance is a personable, high energy atmosphere. The staff is incredibly friendly and always open to suggestions. I’ve taken classes for years in many States and have found that NutriFormance has top notch, experienced instructors and very diversified classes. The owners are very sensitive to the needs of the clients and are always looking for feedback on whether to add a class or change the time to accommodate the clientele. The fitness facility itself is extremely clean, and the weight room and cardio equipment are very accessible and state of the art. We have found that NutriFormance has created a very friendly, neighborhood atmosphere which makes going to work out a very pleasurable experience.
Patty and Rafiq R
I do feel very fortunate to have found Joe Harszy and the folks at NutriFormance…my previous and very positive acquaintance with Dale guided me back to them for [personal] training. So having a team…you and the team at NutriFormance…of really good folks to help me is a real gift.
Ed Glotzbach
My experience with NutriFormance has been professional and rewarding. My trainer, Randy Leopando, has taught me how to improve my workouts through the benefits of safe and effective strength training. While I have exercised most of my life, I always enjoyed cardio workouts, and felt that weight training was boring and tedious. I began to experience injuries, pain and frustration. Randy showed me the benefits of strength training and taking a day off to allow my body to recover. I guess you could say I was a bit obsessed with high-energy workouts, and he has made strength training fun, and never boring. I now work out with Randy twice a week, have gotten into Pilates, while continuing my cardio workouts in a more sensible way ~ and I feel great!
Diane Lacey
While training for marathons the last two years there have been numerous occasions where I felt tired and beat up. You can only get so much relief from stretching and the foam roller. It was suggested that I try a massage. I can definitely say the massages I got made a big difference in my training and recovery. I like the fact that she would listen to what I was saying and worked on those areas. She even found spots that I didn’t know hurt. She was very professional and friendly the whole time and the environment at NutriFormance is very relaxing, clean and comfortable. I am convinced the deep tissue massage helps the body heal, which leads to better workouts and performance.
John Fagan
My cardiologist said that if I had not been working out regularly at Nurtrifomance we might not have discovered 90%+ blockage in my Left Anterior Descending Artery until it was too late.

I was working out with Libby, my certified personal trainer, the first morning I experienced just a slight tightness in my chest. She insisted I seek medical advice and three days later I received a double stent implant. Eight days after my first symptoms I was back at NutriFormance working out without restrictions!

Every morning when I walk into Nurtriformance I think that these people and this place helped save my life and are helping me stay fit and active for years to come. Coming to Nurtriformance is one of the high points of my day. While the facilities are great the people are even greater. I am grateful. That’s not an understatement.

Bob Mark
Connie & Connie talk about their experience at NutriFormance. As non-runners, they enrolled in a running class at NutriFormance and share their experience a year later (spoiler: they are still running!) – View Testimonial.
Connie and Connie
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Esther Langsam
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Lou and Ted Noland
Abby shares her success through the various training classes at NutriFormance. After taking a running class she competed in her first 5k race and took 6th place out of 86 people. Impressive! View Testimonial.
Abby Hahn
Being a member at NutriFormance for over 10 years has helped Julie become a more dedicated runner. The acceleration program has helped her speed, strength and endurance. View Testimonial.
Julie Hyken
Radoslava talks about how losing 24 pounds over the last 2 years through her training at NutriFormance has improved her tennis game including her coverage, footwork and increased speed on the court. View Testimonial.
Radoslava Hall
Brooke, a former competitive swimmer in college, talks about how her time at NutriFormance has been well spent by losing 65 pounds in the past year! She competes in 5k races and and talks about the Hybrid training at Nutriformace. View Testimonial.
Brooke Carr
Ali, a field hockey coach, credits her confidence as an athlete to her training at NutriFormance over the last 7 years. She trains for running competitions and triathlons and recently placed 3rd in the Lake St. Louis triathlon! View Testimonial.
Ali Desloge
I am no beginner runner.  However, even with 20+ years of running
experience, after having my 3rd baby in as many years, I felt like I was a
beginner again.

I knew I needed a jump-start on my fitness, so I enrolled my husband and I
in the NutriFormance Endurance Coaching Program.  We signed up to run the
Rock and Roll Half Marathon in October of 2012, with the goal of breaking
our standing PR’s.

Our coach, Tim Bradley, designed a plan that was perfectly tailored for us,
including our skill level, and time limitations.  He pushed us way out of
comfort zone of running, making us feel like we were giving each run our
maximum effort.

When race day arrived, we both felt the strongest, most confident and
prepared we have ever felt for a race.  We both smashed our old PR’s (my old
one was a 1:46 and I ran a 1:43:17 and my husband’s was a 1:55 and he
crushed it with a 1:35:54) and both felt completely reinvigorated in both
body and spirit!

Thank you to the Endurance Coaching staff at NutriFormance…we certainly
couldn’t have done it with out you!

justinh1 October 2011
Pumkin Brew 5K
justinh2 July 2012
Trail Running
justinh3 October 2012
Rock and Roll Half
NutriFormance since mid August 2012
justinh4 Feb 2013
Castlwood Cup Trail 15k
7 months with NutriFormance Nutrition
Justin Handy
Last year, my daughter thought I needed directed exercise at a fitness center.  She paid for three training sessions at NutriFormance.  I accepted the offer and have continued going to NutriFormance.  Periodically, I thank my daughter for her gift.

I meet with Randy Leopando every two weeks.  He introduces an exercise or two.  On subsequent sessions, he reviews the exercise, modifies it, expands it, drops it, or works on a new one.  I go to NutriFormance three or four times a week for about one hour and go through the current repertoire.  As Randy points out, many of the exercises can be done at home.  It seems to me that they are more effective and enjoyable if carried out in the gym.  Perhaps it’s the effect of having people around who are also exercising.  When you see the other clients and trainers working out, it stimulates you to persevere.  A workout is not necessarily fun, but in the gym, with others, it can be exhilarating.

I have been going to NutriFormance for a year: I’m stronger and am more aware of posture and balance.  Am I healthier?  When you are eighty years old, one’s good health can be ephemeral.  Do I feel better as a result of regular exercise?  That is an unqualified, yes.

Saul Klein – check out Saul doing a weighted Turkish Get-up!

Saul Klein
As you may know, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in June. Before my diagnosis, I thought about the nutrition programs as something that would be important for training or for weight management.  In my case, Emily has made all the difference with managing my disease and with prescription management – who knew?

Immediately after my diagnosis, I started my research on RA and discovered that an anti-inflammatory diet could help me to manage the disease.  I asked Emily to set up my first meeting.  I gave her my list of medications and I kept a food/drink journal.   We discussed everything – the timing of my meds, the side effects, timing of my meals in light of my workouts and, of course, everything that I was cooking and eating out.  Emily had suggestions that I could implement as soon as I left her office.  At each meeting, she gave me a copy of notes from our conversation and it was never an overwhelming list.  Everything she suggested was do-able…and delicious!  I had always snagged the recipes Emily posted by the bulletin board, so we just took it to the next level.

While we were working on an anti-inflammatory focus in my meals, I was still grappling with side effects from the medications.  Emily even solved this!  My doctor loved it.  We looked at all of the medications and supplements I was scheduled to take each day.  She came up with a completely new breakfast plan for me and she recommended the times of day that would be optimal for the medications.  You can ask my husband – or Connie Hornburg! – this changed my post-RA life.  I could finally manage the medications, thanks to Emily.

Connie Burkhardt
Seven years after my first successful weight loss using NutriFormance’s nutrition advice, I returned for a tune-up after a few pounds started creeping back on. In the intervening years they updated the program to include online tracking for your food diary and weekly email feedback from the nutrition counselor. At first I didn’t see what I needed to change in my daily habits to start losing weight, but Emily [Bailey] sent very helpful suggestions for tweaking my food intake to better match with my weight loss goal. By the fourth week, I settled into some new norms, and I started to see a regular loss of about 1-2 pounds each week. I’ve reached my goal and I’m still tracking online just to see how a maintenance food plan compares to a weight loss food plan. It’s been great!
Mary Santen
I have been a member of NutriFormance for approximately 19 years. It has been fun to see this organization grow into the top-notch health club that it has. Dale and Ellie are to be commended on their constant focus on growing for the benefit of their members. They have staffed the club with nothing but fantastic trainers/instructors as well as provided quality equipment and facilities. Though I had been a regular at the gym over those past 19 years, I began taking particular advantage of the club’s class offerings about three years ago. Starting with mat pilate’s, I also now enjoy the TRX and spinning classes regularly as well. Beyond group classes, I began practicing reformer pilate’s with Emily Freeman on a private basis two years ago. I can’t begin to explain how her instruction and care has elevated my fitness and impacted my overall health. She exhibits a personal interest in the well-being of all of her students. She even consults with my regular massage therapist, Marcy Blair, when issues develop. Because of that coordination, my massage sessions with Marcy are always therapeutic. Between the two of them, they have never failed yet to “fix” any issue I have developed. Emily and Marcy exhibit true concern about my overall health. I have nothing but total confidence in both of their abilities. Emily and Marcy are just two examples of the NutriFormance family that have had a positive impact on my well-being. It is because of all of these people that even after 19 years, I can’t imagine training at any other health club.
Greg Pietrobergo
This year’s annual medical physical results, especially the blood tests, were so good, it totally stunned my Internist. Heart disease is a generational in my family. After a moment of silence, he asked what I have been doing. NutriFormance! What works for me is a triple combination. After joining NutriFormance 2 years ago, I learned to be patient with my pace of improvement, choose a variety of classes and stick to a regular weekly schedule. I also use the instructor’s modifications extensively. At sixty something, my fitness goal is to be exercising at ninety something.
Jim Brums
I’ve loved taking pilates this year because it’s as if I can feel myself getting healthier physically and mentally as each hour passes.  It’s both challenging and relaxing at the same time. Love that.
Kelly Minifie
NutriFormance Gym is my ally as I lose weight and keep it off.

Dale & Ellie have assembled a remarkable team of teachers and trainers
dedicated to inspiring clients of all ages and sizes to attain their fitness goals.
I have found a balance of training, yoga and nutrition counseling that works for me, all at one location.

Thank you, NutriFormance, for all that you bring to the world of fitness!

Mary O.
NutriFormance came into my life while I was rehabbing a total hip replacement at forty one years of age. It was a longer than usual, painful, depressing rehabilitation process due to a recall placed on the prosthetic device ten weeks after it was implanted. Being relatively young and in excellent health, I had expected a three month recovery period.
I prepared mentally for entering this “time warp” by marking three gigantic “X’s” over October, November, and December of my 2000 calendar. Those three months turned into 18 months.

My primary fitness goal at the time was to be able to put my underwear on without having to sit down first to do so. I fantasized about walking the 100 feet from my front door to my rural mailbox without pain or a pronounced limp. I longed for the feeling of strutting down the street with a strong, powerful gait. Bolting up a flight of stairs seemed like something that would never, ever happen for me again. It all seemed impossibly unattainable.

So, the happy ending to the story is . . . yes, with patience and the help of wonderful NutriFormance trainers, I now feel “strong like bull”. My stride is secure and pain free. Every flight of stairs is truly a miracle. I do avoid running, pounding, and jumping in an effort to keep my artificial joint working well for many, many more years. Currently, with the help of the NutriFormance staff, I am able get all sorts of exercise . . . aerobic, strength, posture, balance, flexibility and more with enough variety to avoid boredom. My NutriFormance success story was based, and continues to be based, on baby steps in the right direction on that never-ending path towards personal fitness goals.

Nancy Herzog
I have always been a competitive athlete, but after surgery to remove my first rib due to a life-threatening blood clot in my arm, I went from having the eye of the tiger to being a big scaredy cat. I knew if I wanted to get back into shape, I was going to need personal attention, so I joined NutriFormance for their personal training. It’s one of the best decisions I have ever made. Dale and Ellie took wonderful care of me, thoughtfully pairing me with Katie, a seasoned trainer who is also an experienced physical therapist. She took the extra time to educate herself about my surgery and reached out to my post surgical therapist so they could coordinate their efforts. Under her watchful eye I have gone from fearful to fearless faster than I ever imagined. I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and now I take advantage of just about every class NutriFormance has to offer. From spinning and dance to TRX and yoga their variety of classes keeps my workout routine fresh and fun. Their instructors flex their creative muscle to make sure their classes are everything but routine. Whether you prefer low impact or high intensity, they will literally work your butt off. But they also make it easy to modify any movement so you never feel intimidated or afraid you can’t keep up.

It’s not just in the gym that NutriFormance has made a difference in my life. I’ve consulted with their dietitians to make sure my nutrition is on point. I’m a big believer in massage therapy and I’d be hard pressed to find a more knowledgeable and experienced team of massage therapists. As a competitive tennis player I’ve always known the importance of stretching and flexibility, and as I age, a deep tissue massage once a month increases my circulation and loosens my muscle and tissue so I can keep playing at a high level.

Dale and Ellie have their finger on the pulse of their clients and I believe that personal attention sets NutriFormance apart from the big “jungle” gyms. It’s the reason I keep coming back and I’ll always be grateful even when I think I can’t do one more curl or squat or lunge (Amy, you know who you are). I may have lost a rib, but thanks to the folks at NutriFormance, I found a new lease on life.

Susie Kopp
After years of doing cardio workouts almost every day, I decided I needed to do some strength, weight training twice a week. This proved to be a huge benefit for me. Because I love to exercise and tend to overdo it sometimes, over the years I developed some aches, pains and issues. I added Pilates to my weekly workouts, and noticed a significant change in my body.  Emily knows and understands body mechanics. She can immediately zero in on what my problem is, and she always works on my specific needs.  I now have a sensible, beneficial workout plan that is never boring and I look forward to each day’s training.  The Nurtiformance team has me on the right track. 
Diane Lacey