"the freshman 15"

November 15th, 2011|Nutrition|Comments Off on "the freshman 15"

A study now sites that the proximity of a dining hall effects the rate of weight gain. Journal of Adolescent Health

Jeanie Alter, PhD, of the School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation at Indiana University, states, “Location is not only important in real estate; it’s also important when it comes to health behaviors, and proximity of food and exercise facilities influences our behavior.” Those that live in dorms with on-site dining halls gained on average 2 more pounds than those that had to walk to farther for their meals.

Also, living closer to a gym increased the frequency of exercise as well. Research shows that if you live more than 12 minutes away or have to pass your home to go to your fitness facility; you are more likely to skip the workout.

How can you return to healthier behaviors? Start small. The small changes make the biggest impacts. Start with eating consistently small meals and snacks through out the day. This will also help you get ahead of the holidays.