20 09, 2016

Supplement of the Month

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Vitamin D

Why we love it:

  • Metagenics provides you with a high degree of reliability and predicted safety in their products. Their complete line of Vitamin D3 formulas are designed for greater absorption, comes in varying dosages to meet your needs, and comes in liquid, tablet, and soft-gel forms to meet your preference.

Why you need it:

  • Many people in the U.S. have insufficient levels of vitamin D and there are few foods that are naturally rich in it. Vitamin D helps improve bone density, promotes healthy muscle function, heart health, immune system health, and overall health.


Food products rich in vitamin D:

  • Very few foods are naturally rich in vitamin D. Food sources of vitamin D include: eggs, mushrooms, fish, and fortified food products, like dairy products and cereal.


  • Research has shown that vitamin D deficiency may be linked to many acute and chronic illnesses. A serum 25(OH)D level between 40-60 ng/ml has been shown to prevent many diseases, including: breast cancer, ovarian cancer, colon cancer, type 1 diabetes, and multiple sclerosis. Consuming foods rich in Vitamin D and taking the Metagenics Vitamin D3 supplements can help you achieve this serum 25(OH)D level.
17 01, 2016


January 17th, 2016|Nutrition|Comments Off on Omegas

Metagenics Product of the Month:Omegas


Why we love it?

Metagenics products are NNFA, NSF, and TGA certified! The OmegaGenics line of oils reflects a high level of purity, safety, and quality for reliably effective use. OmegaGenetics fish oils offer the industry’s most comprehensive professional line of omega oil formulas to satisfy a broad range of clinical applications and patient preferences. Formulas are tailored with specific omega ratios and dosages for targeted protocols. Available in liquids, softgels, chewables, enteric options, and triglyceride and ethyl ester oils.


Research on Omegas

Research has determined that for secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease, 1 g of fish oil has shown to reduce overall and cardiovascular mortality, myocardial infarction, and sudden cardiac death. Higher doses may be used for its potent triglyceride-lowering effects and for patients with rheumatoid arthritis to reduce nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory use.


Do I need this supplement?

If you do not consume a diet high in foods containing omegas or do not eat fish at least 2x per week taking a this supplement may be beneficial.


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15 11, 2015


November 15th, 2015|Nutrition|Comments Off on CoQ10

Metagenics Product of the Month

So what is CoQ10 anyways? CoQ10 is a naturally occurring vitamin-like substance that is vital for health. Cells throughout our body, especially in the heart, liver, kidneys, and pancreas depend on CoQ10 to sustain life.

Why might this product be beneficial for me?  As we age our body’s production of CoQ10 slowly diminishes and can also be depleted by lifestyle habits, environmental factors, and statin medications. In addition, dietary and supplemental CoQ10 is often difficult to absorb, thus your body may not be getting what it needs.  Metagenics CoQ10 is a specialized product that is designed for better absorption in order to ultimately deliver more reliable health outcomes.

In what form does Metagenics CoQ10 product come? Available in three different forms; liquid (NanoCell-Q), concentrated soft gels ( CoQ10 ST-100, CoQ10 ST-200), or chewable gels (Nutragems CoQ10 300)

What does the research say? Research suggest that CoQ10 may support healthy aging, energy production, antioxidant protection, and overall wellness.


22 10, 2015

Metagenics Product of the Month

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Herbulk – Herbulk® features 7 grams of dietary fiber per serving. This powdered formula is designed to support healthy intestinal function, and offers great support for those who want to promote healthy bowel motility .*

metgenics herbulk

We always recommend whole food first and supplements to fill in the gaps.

19 08, 2015

Metagenics – Ultrameal Daily Support

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UltraMeal Daily Support


This month’s feature is UltraMeal Daily Support. This supplement is a protein drink with 12 phytonutrients and contains 25 essential vitamins and minerals. You simply mix 2 scoops with 8-10 fluid oz of chilled water. UltraMeal Daily Support can be made part of an every day diet.



A little bit more about UltraMeal Daily Support:

  • Provides 15g of protein
  • Comes in two flavors, mixed berry and deluxe chocolate
  • Provides 400 IU of Vitamin D
  • Provides 5g of fiber
  • Product is gluten free
  • Can be used for a quick snack or mini-meal


Remember: Supplements should only be used to fill in the gaps. What we eat should be the main source of nutrients.


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