Sample Meal Plan

June 18th, 2015|Nutrition|Comments Off on Sample Meal Plan

Breakfast: Two pieces of whole-wheat toast with no salt added peanut butter and banana on top and a Greek yogurt

Snack:  1 piece of fruit with ¼ cup raw almonds

Lunch: 1 baked sweet potato stuffed with ¼ cup no salt added black beans, ¼ cup pico de gallo (available in your produce section-ready made), 1 green onion thinly sliced, ¼ avocado sliced, and a sprinkle of cheese. Could add meat if desired.

Snack: 1 cup raw broccoli, cherry tomatoes, and carrots with 1 hardboiled egg

Dinner: Grilled fish with citrus and grilled asparagus with lemon, rosemary, & black pepper (see recipes on our blog at www.NutriFormance .com)



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