Post Exercise Nutrition

August 7th, 2012|Endurance, Nutrition|Comments Off on Post Exercise Nutrition

True or False:

I should not eat after a workout because I’m trying to train my body to use its own stores.


Give the body what it wants and needs – to replace the nutrients lost during the workout with a meal or snack!
•It is vital that you incorporate recovery snacks and/or meals into your routine. Refueling your body after a workout will help you recover quicker and prepare your body for the next workout.
•A quicker recovery will lead to less soreness, more efficient rebuilding and repair of muscles and tissues, and may help to prevent injury.
•More muscle equals a stronger metabolism. If you do not repair your muscles after you break them down during exercise, you may not see much progress!
•Eating after a workout will also keep you from feeling starving later in the day. If you are not giving your body what it needs you may be slowing down your metabolism.