19 01, 2017

The Art of Relaxation

January 19th, 2017|Fitness Articles, Massage|Comments Off on The Art of Relaxation

Written by: Jaclyn Mosley

Stress is a commonly used word that can be applied to everyone’s life. By definition it is a state of mental or emotional strain.  Though, it is not always considered by the health industry to be bad.  In small, controlled amounts, stress is good.  It can support mental function and increase reaction time.  Unfortunately, modern society has far surpassed allowing the small controlled amounts of “good” stress.  People are now facing daily stress at a very dangerous level.

Not having the chance to “catch up” can lead to illness and secondary effects such as poor performance at work or in sports. And now, more diseases, such as cancer have been directly related to stress and lifestyle.  It is clear, that now more than ever, you owe it to yourself to take some time for you.

For many, relaxation massage has become a big part their lives. Adding time to relax into a busy, often frantic routine has become vital to maintain a level of health and wellbeing.   Be it either work, sports or family; stress is consistently targeting society today. It is important to add into the week or month a scheduled time to allow the body and mind to relax.

Similar to a car, a body needs to be maintained if you want it to take you from place to place throughout your day with no slowdowns or breakdowns. Allowing time to recharge and relax is essential to a body’s wellbeing.

Relaxation massage will:

  • Protect the health of your heart
  • Decrease the risk of illness and cold
  • Improve memory
  • Decrease feelings of depression
  • Increase mental clarity

Relaxation massage is not a luxury. It is a necessity.  If you are suffering from poor sleep, ongoing illness like colds, lack of memory or concentration, you may well gain some clear benefits from relaxation massage on a regular basis.

Do it today. Make time for you.  Reinvest in your life with a relaxation massage.

8 10, 2013

Is She For Real?

October 8th, 2013|Massage|Comments Off on Is She For Real?

We all have done it. We do background checks on people we do not know, we ask people and find out reputations on great Doctors in the area, and we look up and research pricing on getting the best deal for our money. So, do you do the same when looking for a good Massage Therapist?

For years, Massage Therapists were known for providing relaxation benefits. Very few people used to be able to afford massages and there were not that many Massage Therapists to choose from. Now, you can find a massage therapist just about any time of the day, and not for an expensive rate. So, how do you know that your therapist has properly been trained?

If you have been a massage guru like my-self, you have been to many different places around the country and vacation almost always calls for at least one day of spa treatments. Did you happen to notice that depending on the state you are visiting, the massage seems so different?

Each state has a different set of guidelines as to what they require. Some states don’t require any training at all! Missouri requires 500 standard hours and the same with Illinois, but Missouri allows students right out of school to work for up to 1 full year without taking their state boards to prove they know their material well enough not to hurt others. Illinois on the other hand does not allow you to work in the Massage Therapy field at all without taking your boards.

Here are a few things you can do to protect yourself as the client. As a client, you can always request to see a copy of their Massage Therapy license which should have a picture attached to it. It is state law to have these in office. If the Massage Therapist has not taken their state boards yet, it will say “provisional” at the top. If they have taken their state boards, it will not say anything other than their name.

If you know the therapists name before the massage takes place, then you can visit you can also search for your doctor on this site too!

Therese Ippolito: NutriFormance Massage Therapy Director.