Appetizers, Alcohol, Desserts…. Oh my!

November 29th, 2011|Nutrition|Comments Off on Appetizers, Alcohol, Desserts…. Oh my!

Let the parties and festivities begin. We are in the holiday party season. I’m sure some of you have parties scheduled for this weekend. How do you stay on a healthy eating plan and still enjoy the party?

The three nutrition pitfalls of parties, dinners or events are usually the appetizers, alcohol/beverages, and desserts. Try to pick one to have versus all three. A regular meal at home doesn’t include an appetizer, soup/salad course, main entree and dessert every night with alcohol. Try not to let every party or event include all of it either. You can get through the holiday season and maintain a healthy weight.

Remember to avoid “saving up” for the party by skipping meals. If you do that you only slow down your metabolism and allow your body to store everything that is taken in at the next meal.

If you are having party after party you cannot treat each one as a special occasion. They are now apart of your normal day-to-day schedule. So make sure that the meals are moderate with a balance of lean protein, fresh vegetables and whole grains.