I have always been a competitive athlete, but after surgery to remove my first rib due to a life-threatening blood clot in my arm, I went from having the eye of the tiger to being a big scaredy cat. I knew if I wanted to get back into shape, I was going to need personal attention, so I joined NutriFormance for their personal training. It’s one of the best decisions I have ever made. Dale and Ellie took wonderful care of me, thoughtfully pairing me with Katie, a seasoned trainer who is also an experienced physical therapist. She took the extra time to educate herself about my surgery and reached out to my post surgical therapist so they could coordinate their efforts. Under her watchful eye I have gone from fearful to fearless faster than I ever imagined. I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and now I take advantage of just about every class NutriFormance has to offer. From spinning and dance to TRX and yoga their variety of classes keeps my workout routine fresh and fun. Their instructors flex their creative muscle to make sure their classes are everything but routine. Whether you prefer low impact or high intensity, they will literally work your butt off. But they also make it easy to modify any movement so you never feel intimidated or afraid you can’t keep up.

It’s not just in the gym that NutriFormance has made a difference in my life. I’ve consulted with their dietitians to make sure my nutrition is on point. I’m a big believer in massage therapy and I’d be hard pressed to find a more knowledgeable and experienced team of massage therapists. As a competitive tennis player I’ve always known the importance of stretching and flexibility, and as I age, a deep tissue massage once a month increases my circulation and loosens my muscle and tissue so I can keep playing at a high level.

Dale and Ellie have their finger on the pulse of their clients and I believe that personal attention sets NutriFormance apart from the big “jungle” gyms. It’s the reason I keep coming back and I’ll always be grateful even when I think I can’t do one more curl or squat or lunge (Amy, you know who you are). I may have lost a rib, but thanks to the folks at NutriFormance, I found a new lease on life.