Fee-for-service physical therapy is offered at NutriFormance. One-on-one care, non-traditional hours for easy scheduling, and continuation of care when transitioning into fitness.  No waiting rooms or being passed from one therapist or aid upon every visit.  you will spend the entire time working with your assigned physical therapist.

Pam-thumbnailThirty or Sixty minute, ONE-ON-ONE appointments with Pam Fisher, PT are available for clients requiring Physical Therapy services for post-surgical, post-rehab, or acute/chronic pain issues. Pam is available at Frontenac and limited in-home areas.

A doctor’s prescription is necessary to start physical therapy. We will communicate with your physicians throughout your course of treatment to update them on progress and discuss any concerns.
If you are a NutriFormance member client already receiving physical therapy at another facility, we can assist your trainer to integrate what your therapist recommends into your workout at NutriFormance. This guarantees your success through continuity of care.

Lastly, if you are unsure about whether physical therapy would be beneficial in your individual case, or if you need a suggestion about what kind of physician to see, consults with our physical therapy team are available. Ask your trainer and they will arrange a consult, often during your workout with them.

Physical Therapy services are available at our Frontenac location. If you’d like to submit the hour long $95.00 fee per session for out–of-network Physical Therapy benefits, NutriFormance will provide you with receipts and any additional information your insurance company requests.

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Personal Training – Functional Reconditioning

Where do you go after completing physical therapy? NutriFormance! We are your solution to bridging the gap between pre- and post-injury levels (how you functioned before injuring yourself and return to that level). We are on a referral basis with many of the top physicians in the area including the physicians for two professional St. Louis sports teams. Why do they choose us you ask? We get results. We get their patients back on the field or back to work as fast as anyone in the industry. They trust that we will provide top-notch attention and effort to make sure their patient is back to normal as soon as possible.

The goal of functional reconditioning and training is to provide clients with optimum levels of functional strength, neuromuscular efficiency, and core stability for efficient “everyday” movement or activities after an injury or joint replacement. Movement is not an isolated event – it is a complex, interdependent series of events that involves many muscles and joints. The most important link in efficient movement of the body is the core. This is where all movement begins. A properly functioning core allows for improved forces output, neuromuscular efficiency and decreased incident of overuse injury.

Strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility are all key elements we try to incorporate in our programs. Every post-rehab client will undergo a musculoskeletal evaluation that will assess all the key elements of movement. The results will be used to develop an individualized program according to your (the client’s) needs and goals.
Our staff is well versed in Functional Reconditioning.

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