It is very simple to schedule your classes from anywhere in the world on any mobile device! Our class participation averages 10 participants per class allowing our inspiring instructors to learn your name, goals and fitness needs. We can help you tailor a challenging, fun group fitness week including metabolic classes, Pilates, yoga, powerspin, barre classes and some of our signature classes such as Body Max, Total Body Training, Metabolic Frolic, and Hybrid Athlete. Our small group training program offers reformer Pilates and small group personal training.

A fun and challenging workout specific to YOUR fitness level!

You will find TRX, VIPR, superbands, physioballs, battle ropes, cable machines, and even rowing machines splashed into many of our classes. Don’t let this be intimidating, we will help you navigate our class menu to find the most appropriate classes for you. We will safely introduce you to new training methods and tools. You might even find some of our management team taking classes with new member to help them safely acclimate to a class.

All Basic group classes are included in our 15-Day Jumpstart!