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Endurance Training

Endurance Coaching

Three and six month individualized coaching programs structured to fit your training goals. You will have access to your coach right here in St Louis. Programs include complimentary fitness center membership.

Please take a moment to get to know our endurance coaches:

  • Katie Stemmler – Personal Trainer, Functional Reconditioning Specialist
  • Amy Strahan – Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer
  • Libby Fennewald – ACE Certified Personal Trainer, USAT Level 1 Coach

Video Running Analysis

Learning proper form starts with seeing yourself on video and in picture. We utilize software that allows us to replay, slow, freeze frame, and analyze your body angles at selected points of your performance. We will take you through various running paces and a core stability evaluation to assess your muscular strengths and weaknesses. You will leave with a clear and direct plan of what you need to work on to improve your running economy and reduce your risk of injuries. Your video and picture analysis will also be provided to you on a flash drive for you to keep.

V02 Testing

A VO2 (volume of oxygen consumption) test measures your overall aerobic fitness. We will take you through a testing protocol that gradually increases your effort either running. Using the information from the test we can assess your individualized heart rate/training zones. It is a great measurement tool for athletes of all levels.


Cece – “I knew I needed a jump-start on my fitness, so I enrolled my husband and I in the Nutriformance Endurance Coaching Program.  We signed up to run the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in October of 2012, with the goal of breaking our standing PR’s.

Our coach designed a plan that was perfectly tailored for us,
including our skill level, and time limitations.  He pushed us way out of  comfort zone of running, making us feel like we were giving each run our maximum effort.”