We offer a variety of fitness resources and programs designed to bring exercise into your workplace and to assist in creating a culture where employees feel cared for and motivated to improve their fitness and well-being.

Our programs are designed for small to mid-sized companies (10-150 employees) utilizing custom fitness and wellness programs that fit the busy lifestyles of your most important asset- your co-workers.

The NutriFormance Corporate Fitness Program changes the lives of the human beings that ARE your corporation.

Some of the positive changes that you will see are:

  • Reduced Absenteeism
  • Reduced Health Care Costs
  • Reduced Turnover
  • Reduced Sick Time Taken
  • Increased Staff Morale & Energy
  • Higher Productivity

Healthcare costs are taking a proportionally larger slice out of small to mid-size businesses profits. Most of these costs are associated with reacting to health related issues instead of preventing the issues in the first place. Implementing a program that can help control or reduce these costs is a necessary consideration for a financially prudent organization. A well-designed fitness and wellness program, specific to the needs and wants of the employees, with a strong nutritional and fitness component will directly meet this need.

A 2010 Harvard Business Review article found that wellness programs, of which fitness is a component, can return as much as six times their cost to the companies that sponsor them. Another 2010 review by a separate team of Harvard researchers, published in the journal Health Affairs, concluded that “medical costs fall by about $3.27 for every dollar spent on wellness programs and that absenteeism costs fall by about $2.73 for every dollar spent.”

The NutriFormance Corporate Fitness Program will have a greatly beneficial effect on your organization as it not only impacts your bottom line but also changes the lives of the human beings that ARE your corporation.

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How Corporate Fitness Works

We offer a wide range of services, as listed below, creating a Corporate Fitness Program designed to meet the corporation and employees needs and budget. Our most basic program includes an online health assessment of employees, monthly wellness workshops and individual counseling services. We truly base the program on your needs, as each company is unique, we will put the right fitness initiatives in place to get your employees excited about their health!

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NutriFormance and its staff continue to be a pleasure to work with from an employee benefit and wellness program standpoint. Their facilities offer a convenient, state-of-the-art facility for our employees to get healthy and relieve stress. The NutriFormance team, trainers and instructors are highly knowledgeable and care about our needs. They have been extremely flexible in fulfilling our requests. Not only do our employees enjoy working out at NutriFormance, but they are also taking advantage of educational sessions, personal training and group fitness classes. Keep up the great work!
Kylie Ayala, Human Resource Director for Brinkmann Constructors
NutriFormance Gym is my ally as I lose weight and keep it off.

Dale & Ellie have assembled a remarkable team of teachers and trainers dedicated to inspiring clients of all ages and sizes to attain their fitness goals. I have found a balance of training, yoga and nutrition counseling that works for me, all at one location.

Thank you, NutriFormance, for all that you bring to the world of fitness!

Mary 0