We are exposed to approximately 5,000 advertising messages per day and the average person receives most of their health related information from the media and women’s health magazines.  (NEDA) Unfortunately, there is more inaccurate information available than accurate.

If everyone around you is speaking about how dissatisfied they are with themselves or their body and then you read your magazine that tells you how to lose 10 pounds in 1 month.  It is an easy jump for us to start to believe we need to change our bodies.

Instead try accepting and celebrating yourself!  Be confident in your body and respect it Remember what your body allows you to accomplish everyday.

When deciding to lead an active and healthy lifestyle, please be sure to consult a physician, registered dietitian and certified personal trainer with a degree in exercise physiology, kinesiology, athletic training or physical therapy.  This will lead you down the road to overall health and wellness versus the latest diet craze for a “quick fix”.

The quick fix often results in restriction and deprivation.  Even though the scale changes, you often result in unfavorable losses in muscle mass versus fat and slow down your metabolism.

Stay tuned for Fat Talk Free Week tips next week the 15-19th!