Traveling for the holidays? Pack your snacks. Here are your nutrient balanced snacks to keep your blood sugar stable and prevent overeating. Skipping meals and snacks will increase the likelihood of overeating.

Single serve cottage cheese 20g per 5 oz & 125 mg CA, high in sodium – combine with tomatoes, fresh basil leaves & balsamic vinegar for a healthy twist to Caprese salad

HB egg with sriracha on whole grain toast 10g pro, vitamin D vitamin b12

Cheese stick/wedges/wheels – pair with apple slices. 6-8g pro, individually wrapped

Edamame – great snack by itself. 8g per ½ cup, 3g fiber… plant protein that is a complete protein

Roasted chickpeas – great snack by itself. 7g per 1/4c , 5g fiber, shown to lower LDL cholesterol – rinse/drain can of chickepeas – toss in olive oil with spices (chili powder, cumin, salt, & pepper or create your own spice mixture) – bake 425 for 45 min.

Greek yogurt – pair with berries. 12-20g per single serve container depending on brand, CA & probiotics

Hummus 5g per 1/4c & 4g fiber – add raw veggies for a great pairing

Tuna pouch 16g and good source of antioxidant Selenium. Mix in some siracha & pair with whole grain crackers.

Kefir – drinkable yogurt, great snack by itself. 11g per 1c, vitamin D, probiotics, 99% lactose free