This month we challenge you to re-think cardio! Using high intensity intervals in shorts bursts is more effective than a steady state workout and will burn more calories during, and after. The circuits below are designed to be 24 to 32 minutes and a great alternative for those of us that dread “cardio”. Try it with or without the equipment but be ready to sweat!

The format is 30 secs work/30 secs rest of exercises 1-4. Take a 1 minute rest between rounds and complete a total of 6-8. Don’t forget to start with a dynamic warm up.
1. alternating rope waves
2. BOSU burpee press
3. slam ball squats
4. jump rope
No equipment:
1. Jumping jacks
2. Burpees
3. Tuck jumps
4. Lateral hops
Big thanks to FNF cameraman and Director of Personal Training at NutriFormance, Randy Leopando, for helping us demo the moves this month! Enjoy!