Myth Busters

Detox, paleo, gluten-free, ketogenic. You may be asking yourself what these words even mean and you may be wondering if you should be following this diet. Below you can see the pros and cons of these diets, along with what you are allowed to eat and not allowed to eat while following this diet.

Gluten-free diet: diet that excludes the protein, gluten. This diet is primarily used to treat celiac disease.

What can I eat? What can’t I eat?

* Foods not containing Gluten

o Fruits and vegetables

o Most dairy products

o Meat, fish, & poultry

o Beans

o Seeds and nuts

* Grains not including gluten protein

o Amaranth

o Buckwheat

o Corneal

o Rice

o flax * Any grain based product containing the gluten protein o Wheat o Barley o Rye o Triticale * Any foods made in a factory with gluten containing grains

Pros of a Gluten-free diet Cons of a Gluten-free diet

* Relieves symptoms and complications for

those with celiac disease

* Promotes intake of less refined foods * Difficult to follow * Restricts people from healthy foods * Gluten-free substitutions may be higher in calories

Paleo (Caveman) Diet: diet is based on foods that our ancient ancestors ate. If a caveman couldn’t eat it, neither can you.

What can I eat? What can’t I eat?

* Meat, chicken, turkey, & pork

* Fish

* Fresh fruit

* Nonstarchy vegetables

* Nuts & Seeds

* Eggs

* Plant based oil: olive, walnut, grapeseed, &

coconut * Grains: oats, wheat, barley * Starchy vegetables * Legumes or beans * Dairy products * Sugar * Processed foods * Salt

Pros of a Paleo diet Cons of a Paleo diet

* Could increase fruit and vegetable intake

* Could decrease intake of processed, high-

sugar, and high-sodium foods

* May lose weight primarily due to limited food

choices * Low in carbohydrates, which is dangerous for athletes * Vitamin and mineral deficiencies * High-fat diet, which could lead to weight gain

Detox Diet: intention is to eliminate toxins in your body. The body naturally detoxifies itself, getting rid of these toxins, and eliminating them through perspiration and waste

What can I eat? What can’t I eat?

* Fruit/vegetables juices and water

* Some detoxes allow fresh and frozen fruits

and vegetables

* Few allow whole grains and flaxseed * Solid foods

Pros of a Detox diet Cons of a Detox diet

* May reduce alcohol and caffeine intake

* Decreased intake of high fat and highly

processed foods

* Eating more plant based foods * Weight loss is from fluid and potentially muscle mass * Weight regain is rapid * Metabolism slows down, making it more difficult to keep weight off * Nutrient deficiencies

Ketogenic Diet: low-carb, high-fat diet that was originally designed to treat epilepsy. It uses fat for fuel and is now being used as a weight-loss method

What can I eat? What can’t I eat?

* Meat and fatty fish

* Eggs

* Full-fat dairy: butter, cream, cheese

* Nuts and seeds

* Healthy oils

* Avocados

* Low-carb vegetables: leafy greens, asparagus,

cucumbers, celery * Sugary foods: ice cream, pudding, sugary drinks * Grains * Fruit * Beans and legumes * Alcohol * Milk

Pros of a Ketogenic diet Cons of a Ketogenic diet

* Lowers blood glucose levels

* May decrease inflammation

* Rapid weight loss

* Vitamin and mineral deficiency * Electrolyte abnormalities * May increase your risk of heart disease * Lack of energy