Events are times to enjoy friends, family and food. Contrary to popular belief, you can have all 3 without packing on pounds.

What to remember:

–     Do not skip meals = may result in overeating and slowing down metabolism

–     Eat breakfast. Research shows that those who eat this important morning meal tend to consume fewer calories throughout the day.

–     Saving up for the big meal or restricting will only result in slowing down your metabolism.  Losing muscle mass and minimal fat loss.

–     Event meals tend to be large, buffet-style and include many helpings. While you may not eat an entire cake, a common mistake is eating large portions of foods.

–     It’s important to include nutrient-rich foods in your diet, but also remember that these foods have calories as well and should be eaten in moderation.

–     Think your drinks. Don’t forget hydration! Have water between alcohol and caffeine.


Strategies to try:

–     Using a smaller plate

–     Add salad, fruit, and vegetables first before entrees/dessert

–     Savor those treats you don’t get often (like grandma’s famous pasta salad)

–     Stay in tune with your hunger- take 20 minutes to eat. Try taking a sip of water in between each bite.

–     Wait 10 minutes before getting seconds

–     Get friends/family moving! Take a walk, play a game, dance at the wedding reception, etc.