Cal Apatite Bone Builder

Bone health is extremely important, especially as you age to prevent injuries or diseases such as osteoporosis. One way to help improve your bone health is through supplementation if you are not getting enough Calcium or Vitamin D naturally.


This month’s feature is Cal Apatite Bone Builder. This supplement offers more than just calcium. Cal Apatite Bone Builder formula provides a complex crystalline compound (MCHC) that encompasses all the elements found naturally in healthy bones.


As we age, our ability to absorb calcium and other minerals may decline. The calcium in MCHC is bioavailable and therefore well absorbed.



A little bit more about Cal Apatite Bone Builder

  • Includes other minerals besides calcium that are involved in bone formation such as: magnesium, phosphorous, zinc, selenium.
  • Provides collagen and other proteins that support bone health
  • Come in a variety from tablets to capsules and even vegetarian options
  • Over 30 years of MCHC research
  • Recommended to take with meals


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