Follow these simple strategies to help prevent overeating through the holidays.

  • Don’t save up. Avoid skipping meals throughout the day to “save up” for the big meal or party. Skipping meals will result in overeating later.
  • Eat breakfast. Research shows that those who consume breakfast consume fewer calories throughout the day.
  • Increase fiber. High –fiber foods will satisfy hunger but are lower in calories. Choose fruits, vegetables and whole grains
  • Wait. It takes 20 minutes for satiety to be registered. Wait 10 minutes before reaching for seconds and let your body decide if it is still hungry or satisfied. Eat slowly and savor every bite. This will also allow for better digestion and decrease heartburn.
  • Healthy foods can still equal unhealthy portions. Moderation of all foods. Even if they are nutrient rich.
  • Enjoy without depriving or overindulging.
  • Use a smaller plate for your meals.
  • Name of the game is leftovers…. Cook once and eat twice.
  • At parties only consume food that is on a plate versus grazing at the buffet or hors d’oeuvres trays.
  • Enjoy the foods you only have during the holidays. Example skip the bread roll and go for the stuffing.
  • Liquids count. Especially alcohol
  • Hydrate. We often misconstrue thirst (dehydration) as hunger. Drink water between caffeinated and alcoholic beverages.
  • Buffets/potlucks. Take a small bite to try everything you would like to have. Then go back for the foods that really tasted amazing for your meal.
  • Out of sight, out of mind. Keep holiday treats in the pantry versus on the counter or in the freezer to defrost and enjoy later.
  •  Savor indulgent drinks. Treat them like a dessert. Sip.
  • Be careful when choosing mixers for drinks. The sweeter the mixer the more calories it generally will have.
  • Club soda over tonic.
  • Drink water in between alcoholic drinks to avoid dehydration.
    • Alcohol can pull 4 times the fluid from your body.
  • If you don’t like it, don’t finish it.
  • Basically, be mindful of what you are consuming to avoid overindulgence.

Our recommendation for the holidays is to pick the items you cannot indulge in all year long.              

Simple is Sustainable

What are your 3 holiday food, beverage, or treat favorites? Indulge without over indulging on everything.


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